Thursday, January 30, 2014

Everything that is Mila

Mila turned two weeks old this week and while one part of me feels like I was just pregnant with her, another part of me feels like we've had her a lifetime.  I've been home two weeks now and every day has proven to be quite the roller coaster as we attempt to slide into a new routine and keep our three year old busy during these long days stuck inside.  Mila is a wonderful baby - she loves her sleep, loves to snuggle, and loves to sit in her lamb chair or lay on the floor and listen to all the crazy antics of her big brother.  Beau and I often wonder if it really is that Mila is a good baby or if her parents are more laid back this time around.  We laugh that we used to tiptoe around Cruz when he was sleeping and hold our breath every time he would move.  Definitely a different story this time around. 

The most difficult hurdle for us since Mila's birthday has involved a stubborn string of colds that has plagued my entire family.  Cruz came down with a cold just a couple days before we had Mila and Grandma Mary had a rough night with him the night Mila was born.  Thankfully, he seemed to bounce back pretty quickly and was feeling quite good by the time we brought her home from the hospital.  By that next weekend, Beau caught it, followed by me a few days later.  My mom has been sick since Christmas, and it seems we've had so many visitors cancel due to various bugs.  I spent one miserable night with a fever just days after having Mila home, attempting to nurse under three sets of blankets and take care of her and her brother on less sleep than I'm used to.  Pair some nasty colds with three days of jury duty for the new dad and we had a wild first week around here!  Thankfully, I believe we are on the downhill swing and Miss Mila has stayed healthy so far.  I'm amazed at the power of breast milk - supposedly my body started building antibodies to fight my cold, which Mila gets when she nurses, long before I even had symptoms.  So, I keep nursing, try my best to not cough in her sweet little face, and give thanks every day she wakes up with a clear nose! 

In addition to our colds, Mila was also welcomed to the world during one of the coldest winters in recent history.  This Polar Vortex has brought with it multiple days with -30 windchills and quite the blizzard on Sunday afternoon.  It's been nice to hunker down and have every excuse to stay where it's warm and snuggle this little bug, but the cabin fever is beginning to set in and a little sunshine would do all of us some good!  The thermometer hit 20 degrees today and that was it - Mom came, we bundled up the kids and had lunch at Applebees!  It felt so good to get out of the house for a bit!  While I'd like to keep this 6 lb. bundle on my chest forever, baby toes in green grass and walks to the park sound better and better all the time! 

Polar Vortex and Vicks' Kleenex aside, we are so incredibly blessed with this baby girl of ours and just love getting to know her.  She's a unique little soul, perfectly created in God's image and it's so amazing to watch her grow and figure out this world of hers.

I thank Jesus for everything that is Mila Carys...(I did a similar post for Cruz when he was just days old)

...For the way her pretty blue eyes concentrate so when we talk to her.  She's an observant little thing and it almost looks as though she is trying to respond to our voices, moving her pouty little lips as if trying to utter syllables.  Sometimes when I make an owl noise at her, "whoo, whoo, whoo", she will pierce her lips in a little 'o' as if trying to copy my sound.

...For her long fingers and long toes.  She gets these from her mama and will most definitely be a piano player someday.

...For the way she always kicks one foot, just like she did inside of me.

...For her cute head of hair, especially the way it hangs over her collar in the back.

...For all her smiles when she's dreaming.  She dreams a lot and you're almost always guaranteed big smiles as she drifts in and out of baby dreamland.  We spotted what looked like a dimple already, too and I can't wait for the real thing.  Baby smiles are magic.

...For the top of her head.  All of our noses are attracted to it like magnets, even Cruz's.  The worst part of my cold has been my inability to drink in her baby scent.  Seriously.   

...For her love of sleep - so far so good.  The night we brought Mila home from the hospital, I finally woke her up after 4 1/2 hours of solid sleep!  I actually woke up rested on our first night home with her, a much different memory from her brother's first night!  She usually wakes up to eat every 3-4 hours, but Monday night, she surprised Mommy with a seven hour stint!  The next night, however, she was back to 3-4 hours, but I'm not complaining!

...For her symphony of sounds while she eats.  From her gulps to her squawks, to her little piggie snorts, she is a vocal eater.  And my favorite?  Her face when she comes up for air.  Her mouth all covered in milk, she looks as though she's just come back from war!  She's a fierce little eater and has poops to match!

Love me a good milk face.

...For her perfect pouty lips and sweet little nose.  I tell her people would pay big money for lips like that!

...For the way music seems to calm her down.  The other night, she was a little fussy before bed.  Beau took her and I went to put Cruz to bed.  When I came back downstairs, I heard the guitar from the bedroom and went to find Mila wide awake listening to her daddy play guitar for her.  It was adorable and I'm pretty sure it made Beau's week.

...For her hysterical, hold-her-breath cry when she's hungry or naked.  Mom always said I would go from zero to ten in .5 seconds when I was a baby and Miss Mila is cut from the same cloth it seems.  And for the first few days, she was scared of her yawn.  We'd hold our breath every time she'd yawn as right at the peak she would scream!  Thankfully, she's used to it by now. :)

...For her girly little physique but manly burps and poops!  Her burps would make a sailor jealous!

Thanks so much for all your well wishes and sweet comments as we've welcomed Mila to our family.  We sure love her!


  1. Okay, I need to hold this baby again! My goodness she is precious :) So happy for you!!

    1. You DO need to come snuggle! It's all we do, all day long and we love visitors! Text me anytime and come on over. :)

  2. We are so loving all things Mila! Can't get enough of her!!

  3. So wonderful to visit with you today. What a sweet pair of children you have......sweet little Cruz snuggling up close to his mama while another visitor comes to meet his sister. He's making the adjustment quite well! So many things to be thankful for these days!



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