Tuesday, January 21, 2014

41 Weeks

Here we are, my very last post in this maternity series.  I think since Cruz arrived just one day shy of 41 weeks, I kind of prepared myself for a similar case the second time around.  But here we are, just a day before 41 and my Mila Girl is already one week old.  

Today was my first day at home as a mama of two and it's been wild.  I did my best to balance playing with Cruz and tending to Mila, all while trying to flush out this cold I can feel creeping in.  My first outing on my own since Mila's birth will be to the chiropractor at 5:15 and if I'm lucky, I may be stopping by Target for some nursing pads on my home.  I decided to paint with Cruz this morning and just as he climbed in the chair to grab his brush, his sister started crying from her crib.  I coerced him back to the living room, fed her, then painted one handed.  I finally got Cruz down for a nap about 2 and decided it was time for Mila to have a bath.  I gave her a sponge bath, bundled her up in her towel, lotioned her up, and put the cutest sleeper on her.  Then, just as I was rocking her to sleep, I felt her fill her pants.  I laid her back down and as I was changing her pants, she peed all over her sleeper, her onesie, and the freshly washed blanket I just pulled out of the drier!  I've been laughing a lot today, substituting my lack of perfection with lots of kisses for Cruz and Mila, and breathing in the quiet moments when they happen.  Like this baby doll curled up on my chest, breathing post-nursing breaths into the crook of my neck.  Or playing farm with Cruz after lunch, making him giggle as I repeatedly threw Mr. Farmer down the silo.  It's the little things and laughter now more than ever - they will be my fuel for all the sleepless nights, no shower days, and endless poopy diapers to come. :)     

Ten months of waiting... 

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  1. Looks like you are doing a great job as a mom of 2! And Cruz looks like he is loving that baby sister.



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