Sunday, January 19, 2014

Home // Our First Week

Yesterday morning, Beau cooked bacon and eggs for us and we sat at the table together for breakfast.  After that, we played a game of UNO-Moo on the living room floor, patiently attempting to teach our son sportsmanship when somebody 'skunks' him.  We followed our game with one of our favorite family rituals, a nice, slap-your-hip style dance party to the Lumineers in the middle of our living room.  And as we laughed and let loose together holding hands and marching in our usual circle, we kept watch of our newest audience member, a tiny baby girl wrapped in a blanket, sleeping in her boppy seat by the window.  Usual routines have taken on a whole new meaning around here this week as we've welcomed our baby girl and it's been one of the most wonderful weeks of my life.

Everything is just a little bit sweeter around here since Mila's joined our fold.  I never thought I would have a baby this tiny and I feel like I'm playing with a little doll as I hold her every which way, kiss the top of her head, and nuzzle my cheek up against hers.  She loves to snuggle and loves to curl up in a little ball on my chest after I'm finished feeding her, giving me easy access to the top of her head and her soft forehead.  I've missed the smell of a baby, the softness of their hair on the top of their head, the way they breathe when they're in a really good sleep, and all the little noises they make while nursing.  There's just nothing in the world as amazing as a brand new baby in your life. 

We got home on Wednesday afternoon and so far, we've all adjusted quite well.  It's been so nice to have Beau home, and we've been enjoying slow time and simple comforts with our new little soul, all without as much sleep of course!  Tonight, we had a movie night - we made popcorn, we each put on our comfiest pair of pjs, and the four of us snuggled in for a movie before bed.  We passed a sleeping Mila back and forth, Cruz moved from one parent to the next, and nothing seemed to exist beyond our living room.

It's been a pretty wonderful week around here and I am so anxious to reflect and remember the moments of Mila's birth day.  I have this whole new awareness the second time around of just how quickly all this goes and how important it is to just let go and enjoy this place we are in.  Bringing a baby home is the perfect opportunity to readjust and reflect on what's most important.  And right now, it's easy to spy throughout our home.  It's a three year old boy, doing his best to adjust to sharing his life with another.  The way his arm looks draped over her body on our bed or the way he looks down at her so proudly as he holds her in the chair.  It's the way Beau calls Mila 'sweetie', the way he pulls a kitchen chair up to her at the table to "talk to her for awhile", and the way he is bound and determined that she will love listening to the Avett Brothers with him.  It's the recognition in this baby girl's eyes when she hears my voice, the way her eyes brighten when we talk to her, and the deepest connection I feel with her.  It's God's plan revealed, His presence felt all around us right now as we find our new song together.

Showing Mila her digs for the very first time.    

She likes her crib and looks so tiny in it.  

The back of their necks - Grandma Kelly's favorite part.

Mila is most alert and awake when she gets to listen to her brother.  If only he knew how much she loves him already. 

Nothing better than a baby in a onesie. 


  1. I love this! I can not even begin to tell you how badly this makes me want another baby!!! She is just so perfect, and it looks like everyone is adjusting so well.

  2. Love this post & the pictures!! So precious! The first few pictures where Mila is in her car seat & wearing her pink hat look so much like you when you were a baby!!

  3. Congratulations Ashley! She is just beautiful!!! That is one proud GMa holding her new Grandbaby!! Happy One Week Old to Mila today!!!



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