Monday, June 2, 2014

Ten Years Ago...

...he picked me up in his black, Ford F-150, drove the half block to my house on 22nd and Campus, completely unaware that there were three girls peeking through the blinds in Kara's room to get a good look.  I was nervous, but excited, and will never forget the smile on his face as I met him by the front door.  We laughed so much that night and we both walked away from our first date knowing we had found something really special.

Three years later, on the exact anniversary of our very first date, we were husband and wife.  We've spent ten June 2nds together, some drinking mojitos on the beaches of Mexico, one eating anniversary cake and ripping out the kitchen in our new home, and today, mixing rice cereal for a hungry baby whilst wearing a fireman costume and attempting to get our three year son to understand that he cannot take his pants off in our backyard.  Our beach today was a Lightning McQueen swimming pool, our mojitos half warm glasses of lemonade.  We've doubled in size in the last ten years, and I adore this family of ours more than I can put into words.  Sometimes, because I think I'm too tired to put anything into words!  

Happy Anniversary to my Beau.  Here's to spending a forever's worth of June 2nds.  I can't wait to see what the next ten years look like.

For fun, I got out my external hard-drive and found pictures of the two of us, on or very close to June 2nd for ten years.  I can't believe how much we (and my hair color) have changed!

2004...two babies

2005...we traveled to North Carolina with Beau's brother.  It was our one-year anniversary and Beau thought he'd be romantic and pay a bike taxi guy to take us on a late night tour of Charlotte.  I was so embarrassed. 

2006...a couple of engaged kids in our favorite city. bells

2008...I will never forget this night.  We had an anniversary dinner on the deck because we had just ripped out our kitchen.  I felt so clueless, yet so grown up all at the same time. unforgettable vacation during the swine flu epidemic.  We practically had this resort to ourselves, as well as our own personal photographer, Ernesto.  He was the resort photographer and he was bored!

2010...6 months pregnant, on our way to see Shrek the Third. 

2011...oddly enough, I don't remember much of what we did this year.  I guess we had another distraction. :)

2012...back to Mexico. 

2013...last year.  Lumineers in Minneapolis and a new baby sprout in my belly.

2014...and today.  Mom and Dad came and watched the kiddos and Beau and I enjoyed a date night.  Dinner on the patio at Cu with my favorite lobster bisque, a glass of wine at Luna, and some mules and darts at Harry's Five and Dime on Main Street.  I love dating this man of mine, and love this wild life we've gotten ourselves into.  I am so thankful for our little infinity.

This is more like it...

To be continued...


  1. Happy Anniversary you two!! Awesome, Awesome Post!!! God's blessings to you both for many more years...& babies! :)
    We love you so!....

  2. Awe how sweet!! Happy Anniversary!



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