Monday, June 9, 2014

Beau's Birthday

I had a feeling Beau's birthday was going to be a good day when the three of us, Beau, Cruz, and I, woke up at 5:30 to the sound of the "Everything is Awesome" song from the Lego Movie.  We were piled in our bed when the alarm sounded from the living room, Beau's high hoped attempt to get up and work out, and the familiar song sent Cruz into a fit of giggles.  On any other day, this very early alarm could have just as well been met with groans and mumbles, and in all honesty, that was my first reaction; however, today we chose giggles, and then coffee and more coffee. I always wish I could wake up with a tenth of the energy my children wake up with, however, mornings like this one make me realize a lot of it is attitude.

Wednesday was Beau's birthday.  I love planning sweet surprises on his birthday for many reasons.  It's the beginning of summertime and our spirits seem to soar this time of year.  I'm also home with the babies and spend my days soaking up the simplicity of a shorter to-do list and reestablished routines.  I also love the opportunity to involve the littles in surprising and giving to others, sometimes even more than showering them with things.  To see the grin on Cruz's face as he walked into the Farm Bureau office carrying the Spider-Man balloon he picked out especially for Daddy, or the excitement he felt as we hid on the steps and yelled surprise when Beau got home from work, reminded me how important it is to celebrate the people we love, and show them the happiness that comes from making others feel special.


All morning, Cruz and I prepared a day of celebration to honor the man we love so much.  While Mila was napping, we sprawled out on the driveway and painted a mural to hang on the door of the house.  Cruz helped me bake my first double layer birthday cake.  We wrapped his present and I scribed for Cruz as he told me what he wanted his card to say.  And around lunch, we picked out some balloons (Spider-Man, of course) and attached them to his favorite candies, and left to surprise him at work.  Although it's always a little chaotic with Cruz wanting to try out the Culligan water tank and play with Daddy's office supplies, Beau LOVES when we visit him at work.  We took him for tacos, both kids were so well-behaved, and Beau was so proud.

Wednesday night, we kept it simple.  Greeted Beau with his mural when he got home from work.  Blew out candles and enjoyed cake with fresh Hanson's ice cream.  And our favorite birthday tradition - opening up a special present picked out especially by Cruz.  Yes, every year, Cruz and I make a special trip to The Dollar Store to pick out a present for Beau.  This was the first year he truly got what the mission was and he had full reign to purchase whatever he chose.  This year, he picked out a plastic tub of dinosaurs, some Cheeze-Its and Pringles (both with pictures of Spider-Man on the package), a 4th of July pinwheel, some Transformers stickers, and my favorite, a Sympathy card because, "it has a pretty waterfall on it."  He wandered the aisles for a good hour, saying, "follow me, Mommy, I will lead the way," and referring to the aisles as "paths."  At one point, he turned and pointed to a display of laundry detergent, all Vanna White-like, and said in all his genuineness, "Maybe he would like some wotion, Mommy?"  He decided on the dinosaurs instead and was so excited to give him the gifts.

I loved today so much, loved making the day special for our leading man, and love carrying out these simple traditions with this family of mine.  There's just something about watching your husband blow out his birthday candles with a baby in each arm to make you really stop and smile at where we're at.  These are the good days - licking the frosting off the beaters, bringing the kids to daddy's office, and waking up much too early with a little person in between us in bed, giggles and all.

Happy pictures from our day. 


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  1. Happy Birthday to your hubby!! What a great day!



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