Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Garden Love: DIY Veggie Markers

Our veggies have been in the ground for a few weeks now and it's looking to be another good crop for the Jorgensen clan.  Thanks to some cheap chicken wire from Menards, the bunnies are staying out of our pepper plants and it's refreshing to see progress we haven't seen before.  My sugar snap peas are already halfway up the trellis, my kale has doubled in size, and my acorn squash have sprouted the prettiest orange blooms that I assume will soon grow into squash.  Pulling weeds, checking on progress, and standing in the cool grass to give them a drink after the kids have went to bed are some of my favorite summertime activities and I love watching the metamorphosis take place as our seeds turn into food.  

Since our garden is truly a family affair, I had Cruz help me create some simple, handmade garden markers that illustrate the little hands that helped plant our seeds.  A few years ago, I used wine corks to create fun labels, but this year I wanted to go with something that Cruz could help with.  Three packages of craft wood rectangles from Hobby Lobby (already cut to size), some popsicle sticks, a permanent marker, glue gun, and some paints later, and we had homemade color to add to our growing garden. 

Sidenote: I later realized (as I'm about to water the garden) that we used washable paints for this project.  I was worried we'd have blank palettes after a hard rain or good water, but so far so good.  To be safe, I'd strip the kiddos and use something a bit more permanent if I were you. :)  

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