Monday, June 30, 2014

Enjoying June...

Today is July 1st, the first day of what is sure to be a busy but memorable month for our family.  We are looking forward to Mila's first 4th of July weekend, a family wedding the following weekend, and a big vacation, swimming lessons, and more home building preparation in the weeks to come.  But before ushering in July and all its stars and stripes, I had some leftover pictures from our wonderful June to get on this blog.  June was a slow month with my kids, filled with daily routines of scrambled eggs and rice cereal in the morning, afternoons at the pool, and lots of play in our backyard waiting for Daddy to get home from work.  I remember being a little nervous about how this transition from one to two would affect my summers, but we've eased into a new routine rather seamlessly and I'm loving this time at home.

A few snaps from June...

Some doctor play and toe snacking after nap time...

He is the best babysitter sometimes and he doesn't even realize it.  She loves to watch him play, however, we're starting to realize how different baby-proofing is going to be this time around, especially with all these boy gadgets around. :)

Helping Mommy hang clothes on the line...

He dressed himself this day (and it was ninety plus degrees out)...

I have loved preparing fresh and yummy lunches this summer.  Our newest thing - fridge-free quinoa salad made with whatever is left in our fridge after the week is over. 

Sometimes, naps don't always go as planned.  This is how I found him a half hour after he was supposed to be sleeping!

And other days, it seems I've tuckered him out. :)

Baths for Mila buy me twenty minutes to prepare lunch for Cruz.  And her eyes light up when I turn on the faucet.

Afternoon hangs in the backyard.  With ice cream and sprinkles, of course.

We painted masterpieces outside while Mila was napping.  I pulled weeds in the garden and Cruz painted tigers and circles and rocket ships.

Mowing the lawn with Daddy.  He takes his shirt off and half runs to keep up with him.  And Mila and I usually sit and watch because it's just one of those this-is-what-it's-all-about moments.

We fed the entire geese population of Cedar Falls last week with a half loaf of bread.  Oh, and that one little duck in the middle of them.  He reminded me of the frog in one of our favorite children's books, Ribbit

Lots of living room hangs post-nap time.  Mila rolls all over the place and typically gets tangled in her blankie.

And lastly, my only pictures from Sturgis Falls this weekend.  Rain may have ruined any plans for Saturday and Sunday night, but we had some fun in the afternoons and ate our fill of fair food.  Cruz loved the free balloon, bubbles, and race car activities by Overman Park, and Mila was good as gold all weekend.  I found her the cutest taggie blankets from the craft fair and she loved them.  And Cruz scored a sweet bow and arrow made out of pvc pipe, right up he (and his daddy's) alley. :) 

Adios June, you've been so good to us!  Now, onto July!

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