Friday, June 13, 2014

Mila is Five Months

Mila girl is five months today and it's been another months of growing and learning for our little sprout.  It seems like this has been the biggest month of change so far as she seems to be much more 'baby' and less 'newborn'.  She knows her family, seems interested in the world around her, and is beginning to show signs of wanting to figure things out herself.  Little things, like today when I brought Cruz to a kindie concert at the public library and Mila waved her arms, kicked her feet, and squealed along to the music, as if she knew exactly why she was there, stop me in my tracks and make me realize how fast she's growing up.  They just don't stay babies for very long...

Milestones for month five...

-Mila is a regular roller and can now make her way across the living room floor in no time.  I've caught her sleeping in her crib on her tummy a few times and she seems to like that, too.

The boppy pillow is the only way I can keep her stationary!

-She usually takes a nap in the morning and a longer one in the afternoon.  She loves a Praise Baby CD of songs and listens to that while she sleeps.  She's a great little sleeper and will often put herself to sleep.  And she LOVES sleeping with her little dolly with the soft blankie attached.  She tucks it under her arm and holds it close to her face.  It's beyond sweet and makes it hard for me to not stand there and stare at her while she sleeps!

-Just like her brother, Mila LOVES jumping in her jumper.  She jumps so high and makes herself giggle.  And her giggle is so unique - her voice sounds hoarse and she almost always coughs when she's done.

A video of her giggle and energetic jumping...:)

-Mila is especially interested in faces, loves to pull to play with my hair, or pull our noses, or grab our mouths when we're talking.

-She blows bubbles like a motor boat, which makes her brother giggle so hard.

-Still loves her mommy, but really likes when Daddy plays guitar for her.  She's given a few people the sad lip when they try and hold her, but she gets over it pretty fast.

-Her sparkling blue eyes are mesmerizing right now, and I'm starting to think they are going to stay blue.  She's also got lots of new hair coming in, it's just too light to see!

-Mila is still eating cereal and this week, we tried some sweet potatoes at suppertime!  She loved them - raised her little eyebrows like she does and started crying when they were gone.  I hope she loves her baby food because I love making it for them.  

-She looks like her brother did so much at this age, and seems to have the same zest for life that he did, too.  She's not afraid of much and loves new experiences.  She thinks the pool is fascinating, she danced along to the kindie concert at the public library, and likes to ride on Beau's shoulders around the house.  

-No teeth yet, but boy do we have one drooly baby!

-I have a feeling you are going to be an early crawler as you like to roll onto your tummy and kick your legs like a frog. 

Happy Five Months, sweet girl.  Such a bittersweet thing, this growing up stuff.  

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