Sunday, June 8, 2014

Happiness is...

...a perfect spring breeze and an afternoon of play and planting in our backyard.  A baby girl dressed in bib overalls, resting on my hip, watching her brother swing from a tree.  We tickle the bottom of his feet every time he swings near.  He giggles.  She smiles.  Back and forth, back and forth, I feel the breeze on my face and am reminded how blessed I am to raise them.

...hanging outside with my boy before bedtime.  Both barefoot, both chasing the sun as we put away plastic baseball bats and give our garden one last drink of water.  I spot him on our deck, nonchalantly humming the words to Pharrell, looking like a boss in my over-sized sun hat.  We twirl in circles and make up the words as we go.  Then, I let him sit on my lap as I drive the car into the garage.  He says, "This. Is. Awesome!" and honks the horn three times before I drag him out. summertime bedtime rituals.  A quick march in the tub to clean our feet.  Forgoing pajama pants to sleep in superhero undies.  Ceiling fans and open windows and a family piled in hungry caterpillar sheets to read superhero books from the "candle" (Kindle).  Kisses and Pete the Cat snuggled under tiny, suntanned arms.  That refreshed, fulfilled, and exhausted feeling of summertime.    

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