Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Good Things - Weekend

As the weather turns warmer and we all start making our way out of winter hibernation, my memory card starts to fill up more on my camera.  I love the colors, the smells, and the new life that blossoms each spring.  It brings many good things to soak up and appreciate.  

156.  Early Saturday morning trips to J's to press our noses to the glass and pick out homemade baked goodness for breakfast.  Dressed in his pajamas, Cruz came along and helped me pick something out for each one of us - a caramel roll for Dad, a cinnamon roll for me, a blueberry muffin for Mila, and a pumpkin bar for himself, complete with an inch of sugary cream cheese icing.  We gathered around our table and passed our plates more than once to sample one another's treat.  It was a perfect way to start our weekend.    

157. "Stay at home days" with rainy afternoons fit for play.   

158. "Buh buhs" on the duck with the absolute best bubbles I've ever purchased.  99 cents at Hy-Vee to be exact! 

159.  Lincoln logs with Daddy before supper. 

160.  Those very few minutes when I catch her contentedly playing by herself.  One minute, it's Cruz's pirate ship and Mr. Freeze, the next it's babies and books and all things girl.  I just wonder the girl she'll grow up to be.    

161.   Fresh pomegranate seeds on salads.

162.  New white pitchers and the late afternoon sun that seeps through our dining room windows.

163.  A new shag rug that is so cozy to lay on.

164.  When they play together.  I should use the time to get something done, but I love to watch how they are with each other. 

165.  Teacher Appreciation Week gifts for the girls at daycare who love my kids while I'm at work.  And succulents.  I'm mildly obsessed and may have filled every windowsill in my house with them.  Now if I could just keep them alive...

166.  Rocking chairs and hanging ferns on my own front porch.  Now if I could just keep them alive... :)   

167.  Stepping out of the shower and about jumping into the roof when I discovered Iron Man was in the bathroom.  "Mommy, I put it on all by myself" he says to me.  Maybe now I'll be prepared for next time.

168.  A bathtime escapee. ;)

169.  New bedtime routines after finally phasing out the bedtime bottle.  We now know it was definitely more us needing it than her.  She's done amazing with her new routine, which now involves a few books, some Pandora, and staying in her room just long enough to watch her drift to sleep.  Watching your babies fall asleep has to be about as close as one gets to seeing the face of God on this side of Heaven.   

170.  Afternoon snacks with my favorite little boy.  His long bushy hair and intense brown eyes. 

170.  The anticipation of Daddy almost home from work.  Her joy-filled little face and curious blue eyes. 

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