Thursday, May 28, 2015

Mila Mooskie

She's a girl with many names, and many moods to match!  The only thing consistent in this one's life is her love of food!  Meal time is her favorite time of day and she likes everything from spicy peach salsa from Trader Joe's to the lemon slices out of my iced tea!  She's working on all four eye teeth right now, sleeps past seven every morning, and has decided she absolutely hates bath time!  She won't even sit in the water and completely freaks when it's time to wash her hair.  Cruz always loved his baths, so this phase is a new one for us and has altered our once very peaceful bathtime regimen.  I took the kids to the pool for the first time yesterday and sure enough, her water phobia surfaced there, too.  She was not a fan of getting splashed and not a fan of her swimsuit!  She kept yanking on the straps, pulling it down to flash everyone around her, a look of uncomfortable contempt on her face for most of the afternoon.  She warmed up a little, but was mostly content to sit on the edge with her toes skimming the water, watching her brother hunt for diving sticks.  If only I could read what was going through her mind!  I couldn't decide if I was disappointed she wasn't more of the fish I was expecting her to be, or thankful I didn't have to chase two children in the opposite directions! 

We love our disheveled little princess who most definitely keeps us on our toes and gives us many reasons to laugh every day.  She is one smart cookie, too smart for her own good most days, and she adds such a spark to our lives with her sweetness and spunk.  She loves her daddy, loves her blankie, and loves her accessories, loves to read the same three books over and over again, and loves to listen to music and dance herself dizzy (literally).  Her hair has only gotten curlier as it grows, especially when it's humid outside, and I'm convinced her poor little knees will have permanent scabs on them all summer long.  She gives the best kisses, paired with a big "muah" sound effect, and knows just how to push her mommy's buttons, like when she throws big handfuls of food on the floor and follows it up with a finger point and a "no, no" before I can even respond myself.  But at the end of the day, when she's sticking her toes in my face looking for kisses to mimic the book Ten Little Kisses before bedtime, or sacked out in her crib, with her blanket up by her face and the back of her neck lined with dishwater blonde girls, I smile and realize she is just the little girl God intended for me.  She's gonna be my best friend for life, and she's gonna teach me a few lessons along the way.  For that, I'm sure. :)  

Some pictures I took of Mila at sixteen months...

She's a politician, loves to wave and say "hi" to others, over and over and over again.  Just as proud and as confident as can be. 

"If you're happy and you know it, stomp your feet!"

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  1. Love these pictures! She is so precious! Cute outfit!!:)



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