Friday, May 8, 2015

just me and the kids

I got to hold down the fort this past weekend, just me and the kids, while Beau went to Wisconsin with some of his friends.  It was my first weekend on my own with both babes, and my first overnight alone in our new house.  Uncle Jordan made life pretty easy for me Friday night, offering to take Cruz with him and the kids to a carnival at Charly's school.  Mila and I had some alone time, before Mom came to spend the night at our house.  Just a half hour away, it's a rare occurrence to have an overnight with Grandma Kelly, and we anxiously made plans for some girl time Friday night, and a few adventures with the kids on Saturday.  

While Cruz was at the carnival with his cousins, Mom and I took Mila for a walk on campus.  The lilac bushes and crab apple trees were in full bloom and we spent some time showing Mila all the "pretties" while we waiting for Cruz to return.  We hung out in the driveway with Jordan and Kelli, then put the kids to bed, ate through an entire container of pimento cheese and sat on the couch together, looking through house magazines and talking until midnight.  

After a full day of flower shopping, duck feeding, and homemade pizza making on the deck with Grandma and Papa Curt, Mom left Saturday night.  I woke up with the sun shining Sunday morning, and soon, two littles piled up in bed with me, watching cartoons, eating lucky charms, and soon, sneaking out the French doors to have breakfast on the deck.  

Turns out, we ate every meal on our back deck that day.  The morning was wild, some tears were shed by all three of us, but after a much needed three hour nap from Mila girl, we were ready to go again.    I repacked our forgotten lunchies from Saturday, and ushered the kids to the deck for lunch on our favorite quilt.  We followed our picnic with paper kites with streamers, blew some bubbles, and finally headed to the playground to await Daddy's return.

Daddy returned just in time for some ice cream at Dairy Queen and a family walk around the neighborhood.  He had a good time with his buddies in Wisconsin, but I'm pretty sure he missed us a whole lot.

More pictures from our weekend...

Love this progression of pictures.  Brother puts up with a lot of rough housing from this fireball (we all do). :)

Happy Mother's Day weekend to all you mamas out there.  Hope you get spoiled with a pedicure, dinner, or lots of smooches from your loves.  Muah!

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