Monday, May 18, 2015

The Nest // Cruz's Room

We've been in our house over two months and we are slowly but surely making this our home.  The boxes are unpacked, we had a successful garage sale this past weekend and sold a lot of house stuff I've updated, and now I'm going room by room, deep cleaning (we live in the middle of a dust bowl) and deciding what to put on walls and how to personalize each space for us.  I'm still determining my style and have discovered it's best to live in the space for awhile to get a feel for what I'm seeing and how I want things to look.  The kiddos' rooms were first on my massive move-in to-do list and I'd say they're both near complete.  They are the only carpeted rooms in the house and while I do love the look of my dark wood floors, I have to say their rooms are my favorite to play in.  They're cozy, soft, and functional, and each represents just who they are right now. 

Come in on to Cruz's superhero room... :)

And some more progress as of late.  Ferns, stripes, and painted terra cotta pots have completed our front porch.  Now if only we could get us some grass! 

A new shag rug and worn leather ottoman have added to our living space.

Lighting does wonders for a room.  Love the lamp light in Mila's room. 

Our back deck will likely be our haven while we await our lawn to grow.  The steps just recently became home to another inhabitant, a mama robin and three perfectly blue eggs.  Not sure how she decided to build her nest in a construction zone, but she's sure to be away from predators up there (minus Mila, of course). 

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  1. Love the pictures!! So pretty!! Makes me want to clean my house!! :)



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