Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cruz's Newborn Pictures

Well, Darcy did it again.  She not only managed to capture some great pictures at Cruz's newborn session last Monday, but more importantly, captured the quiet love and emotion that seemed to be in abundance at our house that morning. 

Just two months ago, Beau and I playfully strolled up and down Main Street in Cedar Falls as Darcy, owner of At Play Photo, captured life at 35 weeks pregnant.  Although Beau is not a fan of pictures (sorry for him), it was a special experience between the two of us, a chance to really soak in the blessing that awaited in my belly.

Now, Monday morning, Darcy packed her camera bag and came to our house.  This time, she was greeted by a new mom, a new dad, and a brand new baby.  At just six days old, Cruz rocked his photo shoot.  I planned to feed him right before Darcy came to ensure he would be fast asleep and easy to pose for pictures.  Up until that morning, Cruz would easily fall into a food coma minutes after feeding him; however, he had other plans for Monday morning.  I finished feeding him, looked down, and was greeted by a wide eyed little boy.  I immediately grew nervous and envisioned a fussy baby and a picture re-schedule.  Little did I know that Cruz is already showing us that he doesn't like to miss out on things.

The morning was fun and so relaxed...the perfect way to document the first days at home as a family.  Wide awake for the first half, Cruz lazily stared out the window and sometimes, directly into the camera.  We changed and unchanged him, swaddled and un-swaddled him, rolled him from his tummy, to his back, and to his side, and tortured him with his pacifier all morning, pulling it in and out, in and out, between picture poses.  Then, after a quick diaper change, Beau put him to sleep and we played with him some more.  Darcy was amazing with him!  I can't wait to see what she has in store for his three month session!

Here's the link to check out a sneak peek of Cruz's shoot.  Lots more to come!

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