Sunday, October 10, 2010

Your Pregnant Mind at Forty-One Weeks...FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!

I didn't want to blog about 41 weeks.  I really didn't.  But, this has probably been the most humorous, sporadic, impatient, and off-the-wall week of my hormones are out of control!'s only important I document.  Someday, I will look back on this crazy week with a smile on my face...


So...21 things to remember about being 41 weeks pregnant!

1.  You love when people ask the 'When are you due?' question.  You feel so accomplished when you get to say, "____ days ago."

2.  In Hy-Vee the other night, you actually told Beau that the first thing you want to eat post-baby is a bologna sandwich.  And maybe wash it down with a Michelob Lime...

3.  Friday was the worst day of school ever.  I gave three students detentions (I never give detentions), took away two cell phones, actually pulled the line, "I am not getting up from my chair today," and cried after the students left for the day. 

4.  You want to cry every time someone comments on 'how big' you are getting. 

5.  You've actually asked Beau if it would be possible to push the baby out by pressing firmly on the top of your belly.

6.  You get really mad when women find it their duty to tell you how horrific their labor was.  Spare me the details...Lord knows there's already enough going through my mind right now!

7.  You feel like a failure in the fact that you haven't induced your own labor.  You've tried all the Old Wive's Tales with no luck, and have determined that they are indeed, Old Wive's Tales. 

8.  Your baby is about to arrive in the middle of one of the prettiest Octobers we've ever had.  Nothing more than a trace of rain, and above average temps. all month.  Yesterday was 88 degrees in Waterloo.  We broke records.  Last year on this day, we had snow. 

9.  Yesterday, while walking on a path at George Wyth, you almost stepped on a snake.  You screamed, jumped, then winced in pain at the sudden and unexpected movement your body just endured.  Beau said it looked smooth, especially since I was wearing his  oversized t-shirt, mesh shorts, and $5 Target moccasins. 

10.  I've been highly annoyed by my cat this week.  She's overcome any attempts I've made to lock her in the basement, and her meow has taken on a couple of new octaves. 

11.  You love the supportive, often humorous facebook comments you receive on a daily basis.  The newest one, from a mom of one of my students says...

"Kathy's right. The moment he shows up, each of you become second behind him. Look at each moment as the last time its just the two of you.........alright now that you have tried that as though it matters...EAT SOMETHING SPICY AND GET ON WITH IT!"

Thanks for the laugh, Robin! 

12.  After two years of a broken water softener, I've decided I'm sick of hard water spots on my shower.  Beau just returned from Blaine's with 300 pounds of softener salt.

13.  I've been practicing my waddle-hiding strategies when in public.  I have a ways to go.

14.  Friday night, I got 12 hours of sleep.  Nine to nine.  It was the latest I slept in for a really long time.  It was heaven.

15.  I secretly love waking Beau up in the middle of the night to tell him he is snoring.  After he realizes I am not going into labor, he sighs, pouts a little, and rolls over.  

16.  It's easy for me to get irritated with the male species lately.  Was it fair that on Wednesday night, I graded papers and moved laundry with swollen feet while my husband shared great conversation and a few cold ones with a friend on a beautiful night?  I certainly did not think so!

17.  The other night, when I turned down Beau's offer to grill me a steak for probably the 30th time since getting pregnant, he asked what I wanted for supper.  I replied, "a baked potato and a glass of chocolate milk."  

Beau had a ribeye.  I had a potato.  

18.  I've had one Honeycrisp apple every day for the last month.    

19.  I honestly can't remember what it's like to not be pregnant.

20.  10-10-10.  Beau used to say this would be such a great day for a birthday, and I would always reply, "I hope I don't make it that long."  Oh...irony!

21.  My 41 week picture.  I feel (and look) big.  

Come on, Baby J.  Come on, Baby J.  Come on, Baby J.  


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  1. you look gorgeous! I know no words can make you feel better...I remember being that pregnant. Getting induced isn't that bad :) Good luck!



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