Sunday, October 10, 2010

Musings from an Overdue Momma - Part II

Well...the car seat is (sort of) secured in the backseat of the Kia.  The blue pack 'n play that matches our bedroom set now sits directly beside our bed, currently occupied by a stuffed donkey and giraffe.  My bags are packed, zipped, and ready to go, and the fridge and pantry are fully stocked with after-baby essentials.  We are ready.  

We have been ready.  

For the last three weekends, I've been telling myself it would be the last weekend before baby.  The last weekend to spend together as two, and the last weekend to prepare to bring a 'little' home to our lives.  I've taken full advantage of these weekends, soaking up the pretty transition to fall, cooking my favorite comfort foods, and cleaning the cracks of my window sills with toothpicks and q-tips.  The nesting has been out of control, we've taken numerous trips to Sam's Club and Hy-Vee, and we filled our deep freeze with foods to keep us alive while we attempt to keep our brand new being alive. 

And, now, five days post-due date, on 10-10-10, I sit and wait.  I have acquired a whole new respect for women who have babies after their scheduled due date.  Women who have put their time in, relished in that pregnancy glow, and taken care of their baby bumps for 40 long weeks, only to have to wait some more.  And I'm not sure if it's in my pregnant little mind or not, but my physical shape, emotional state, and mental attitude have become begrudgingly worse since D-Day... 

Monday night, the night before Baby J was due, Beau and I walked around Pipac Lake, grabbed a pizza, and enjoyed the beautiful night together.  I think we walked two miles and if it wasn't for the sun setting, I could've walked more.  My superwoman attitude was on a high that night and I was ready to have this baby.  

Then, Tuesday, my due date.  I walked through school all day, hoping people would ask when my exact due date was, only so I could announce 'today.'  I felt good, but as the hours passed and I had yet to feel anything 'labor,' I grew increasingly impatient and frustrated.  Our walk that night turned into about half of its usual route, as I started feeling a shooting pain on the right side of my lower back and back side.  The pain gave me a full-on waddle similar to the ones seen in movies.  

Wednesday, the night of the 'alien.'  I was exhausted after school and decided a walk was completely out of the question.  I had a mountain of papers to grade and moved from the recliner, to the kitchen table, to the bed, attempting to find a position that was comfortable.  After I sat in bed, it started.  Baby J was seriously trying to escape.  I watched in fascination (and winced in pain), as his feet kicked into my ribs and whatever organ rests on my left side.  He kicked so hard, it almost felt like he could puncture a hole through my flesh.  At times, I could feel him literally stretch his entire body, from his head, to his arms, to his toes.  It was super uncomfortable and it took him hours to settle down.  I knew at this moment, my little guy was as sick of his current state as I was of mine.  If only he could figure out how the heck to get out!

Thursday, Friday, Saturday... sporadic contractions (I tried timing them three different times, only to end up scribbling a hate message across my notepad), walks with the determination of inducing labor, marshmallow popcorn and a heating pad, and washed sheets, a warm bath, and a lot of prayers.  Everyone is rooting for Baby J's arrival today, 10-10-10; however, the minutes are ticking away and I have a feeling this baby is only coming via induction.  

Today's agenda...a little walk and a whole lot of feet up.  Maybe I can finish The Hunger Games Trilogy before Baby J even arrives!

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  1. Oh Ashley, He'll come soon! I know you're probably sick of hearing it...but the long wait is almost over!
    Wyatt was 4 days overdue and it was torture!
    At least you know he'll be a bigger baby! I pray that you get good news at your next doctor appoinment...if you make it that far! :)



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