Monday, October 18, 2010

First Milestones...

It's hard to believe today is Monday morning, the start of our first full week with Baby Cruz.  Beau is back to work and this is my first afternoon, first moment home alone with my baby boy.  As I sit at the kitchen table, listening to the quiet, I can't help but think how much has changed in one week.  Last week, I was at the doctor, impatiently awaiting my induction, and today, that all seems like weeks ago.  The minute this little life decided to join ours, the rest of the story just kind of melded into place. 

We had a weekend of many milestones with our little Cruz.  I know babies change, grow, and pick up on new things almost every single day, but it's been amazing to see new changes within even a week.  Yesterday, Cruz was awake and alert almost all morning.  He had his eyes open, concentrated on the bright spaces in the house, and was even glued to the TV at various parts of the night.  I'm not sure when, what, and how far little newborns can see, but it almost seemed like he started focusing and seeing more of the world around him yesterday.  It was fun to see his sparkly blue eyes more.

Cruz and his dad shared a pretty important milestone yesterday...their first Bears game.  Throughout my pregnancy and especially once football season kicked off, Beau has been anxiously awaiting his idea of the perfect game day buddy: one who enjoys Sunday afternoon naps, doesn't fight for the remote, and doesn't give him crap when the Bears make a bad play.  So, yesterday morning, Beau insisted we break the golden rule of parenting and wake up a sleeping Cruz in order to give him a bath and dress him in his Sunday best: his new Bears outfit.  Although it was a little large for Cruz, he was a good sport and a good fan (even though his first game did involve a loss to the Seahawks). 

Father and son, excited to hang out in the recliner all afternoon.

Another milestone.  Cruz's first meal out.  Beau's cousin, Jill and her boyfriend, Rob, came up from Iowa City to see Cruz.  The five of us went to grab a pizza at the OP.  It felt weird to haul in a diaper bag and car seat, ask for a car seat holder-thingy, and concentrate on keeping a baby quiet while I enjoyed a piece (or two) of pizza.  I was a little nervous, but Cruz did great.  Turns out, a trip in the car makes for a pretty long nap afterwards.  We might have to keep this tip in mind at 3 o'clock in the morning. 

A weekend of milestones, for Cruz, and for momma.  I've been initiated into parenthood.  During Cruz's bath yesterday morning, I received my first 'shower.'  Let's just say mine didn't include warm, sudsy water, and Johnson's Baby Bath!

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