Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas ramblings...and a baby in a snowsuit

I love Christmas week.  I just made one of my final trips to the mall to grab those last minute gifts, a couple of bows, and a final roll of tissue paper.  I love the mall this close to Christmas.  I even love trudging through the slush in the parking lot and watching people pile in booths at Old Chicago.  The busyness, the anticipation, and the dwindling of the mittens on the fireplace mantle tell me that Christmas is comin'...

I'm trying my best to slow down time at my house this week.  Christmas comes and goes so fast every year and as soon as it's by us, my days at home with Cruz are numbered.  Yesterday, I took a nap on the couch with him as the snow fell outside, watched a movie, and read Green Eggs and Ham three times in a row.  By the third time, Sam-I-Am had morphed into a British lad with a ridiculous accent.  Cruz loved it nonetheless.  His attention span isn't very long when it comes to his vast library of books quite yet, but there's something about Dr. Seuss.  Maybe Santa will come through on One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.  I should let him know that Barnes and Noble has a 'buy two, get one free' sale going on this week...

Christmas feels different this year.  When it comes to Christmas shopping for Beau, I usually have all kinds of ideas for him.  I start early and try and outdo myself with surprises for him every year.  This year, besides a new big screen and a pair of footed pajamas 'just like Cruz's,' he's given me no help with his Christmas list.  And when it comes to my Christmas list, besides a Beaba` babycook, I am far from creative.  We've finally settled for the idea of taking a trip to the mall sometime, and helping each other pick out a new pair of shoes or a coat or something.  Definitely not creative and definitely not surprising.  

This year, presents and perfectly frosted sugar cookies and an immaculate house just don't measure up to the gift we've been given this year.  This tiny little person that's filled our lives with more love than we've ever known.  This year, it's about the little things... taking a break from wrapping those gifts to watch a baby and daddy connect during Monday Night football.

...or spending fifteen minutes bundling a baby in a snowsuit to spend five minutes outside in the snow.     

It's about the soft touch of a chamois sheet in Cruz's crib, the popcorn on his tree, and the twinkly lights hanging from his window.  It's about the coziness I feel when I lay him in his crib at night, and the excitement I feel when I pick him up in the morning.

It's about an afternoon of play in front of the Christmas tree.  A cute fleece outfit with matching socks, a first reach for a toy, and a smiley baby.

It's about a single glass of Milk Nog and a Christmas pair of pajamas.  New movies in the theatre, Christmas classics on TV, and a family trip to Famous Daves.  It's about dressing Cruz in red for five days straight, going to our first Christmas Eve service as a family, and watching his little eyes get big as we sing Silent Night by candlelight.  It's about a tiny little baby in a manger born thousands of years ago.

It's about the joy, and love, and peace I feel this Christmas week with my little Cruz.  It will be a Christmas I won't ever forget. 

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