Monday, December 13, 2010

A day in the life...

Cruz's baby book has this really cute page titled, 'A Day in the Life.'  It has the day broken into hour increments for me to describe a typical day in the life of Cruz.  And since today was one of my favorite days since being home with Cruz, I thought I better write to remember.  After all, I once read a quote that said, 'we write to live life twice,' and once I go back to school, I may want to remember relaxing days like today. 

7:18 am...Cruz is up for the morning.  You never know how the Cruz man is going to wake up in the morning, but one thing is for sure...his face will be all scrunched, his sleep sack will be halfway up his body, and his tightly closed eyes will be in a battle with the morning sun.  Sometimes he wakes up starving, as if he hasn't eaten in days, and sometimes, he seems less interested in a bottle and more interested in the warm arms of his mom.  Today, he was happy to see his mom and snuggled in close as soon as I rescued him from his sleep haven.  Seeing his little eyes open first thing in the morning is a sight I will never grow tired of. 

7:55 am...After a bottle, some rocking, and a little Matt Lauer, I freed Cruz from his sleep sack and let him stretch his limbs on a blanket.  He's a lot like me and my in habitual workout routine, only he, unlike me, usually chooses a workout instead of going back to sleep.  This is okay with me, though, since this is Cruz's happiest time of the day.  Sleepy faces are replaced with big grins, and the morning cry for a bottle is replaced with baby squeals and coos.  I run downstairs to feed Jade, run upstairs to grab a pair of socks, and pour myself a glass of orange juice.  Then, it's face-to-face time with the Cruzer.  Lullabies are easy to come by in December.  Today, Cruz loved 'Jingle Bells.' 

8:26... Cruz is starting to get sleepy again.  He made it about an hour before he completely wore himself out.  I pick him up, wrap him in a blanket, and within five minutes, he is sound asleep.  This is morning nap numero uno.  While holding him, I fight my first internal struggle of the day.  I could keep holding him, watch 'Ellen,' and lounge around in my pjs, or I could put Cruz in his swing and take a shower.  Today, I choose the shower.  Cruz sleeps and I shower with the bathroom door wide open, listening for baby sounds.  I manage to get all the way through blow-drying my hair before he wakes up.  Success!

9:15...Cruz helps me clean my bedroom.  I'm attempting to keep the house clean by picking one room a day.  This works for now because I have as many rooms as there are days of the week.  Although a second bathroom would be nice someday, I'll definitely need to get more efficient when it comes to cleaning my house. 

Cruz lays on our bed, stares at the ceiling fan, and attempts to follow me with his eyes as I scurry around our room, fluffing pillows, swiffering the floor, and dusting the blinds.  He loves the action! 

10:00...a morning bath today, the first time I've attempted one by myself.  Completely doable, but more fun when Beau is there to sing his bath time serenades to us.  Today, we have perfect sun creeping through the window, enough to provide a heat lamp for Cruz.  He loves his bath and always looks so content during it.  He's getting close to figuring out how to splash too.  If he could just figure out how to control those arms and legs...  

10:30...a fresh bottle, a lotioned baby, and a warm blanket.  Baths are like kryptonite for Cruz.  He can't even make it through three ounces today.  He loves to dig his little head in the crease of my arm when he sleeps.  Then, he takes one of his arms, navigates until he finds my shirt, and either grabs the collar, or today, rests his arm underneath my sweatshirt.  It's so sweet.  

11:15...Cruz sleeps in his swing and I get out the cilantro.  I've never appreciated a slow cooker until now.  I chop an onion, some garlic, and a bunch of cilantro, and the rest is a matter of opening some cans.  This is the best chicken tortilla soup ever, simply because it takes 10 minutes to prepare.  It's so good, I'm even sharing the recipe ;) 

12:30...lunch with Beau.  He eats, I hold Cruz.  I eat, Beau holds Cruz.  Cruz eats, Beau holds Cruz.  I check email, upload a few pictures, and rummage through my basement looking for cookie cutters. time, aka, Cruz kicks feet on a blanket, I go through about every Christmas carol known to man, we attempt to lay under his play mat (to which he is still very unsure of), and end with some tummy time.  Cruz starts to get tired again, I know this because he lays his head on its side and attempts to stick his entire fist in his mouth.  His eyes get all starry and he stops moving his little feet. 

2:14...Well, I'm risking a major disaster here, but I try it anyway.  I am going to attempt to bake five dozen sugar cookies while Cruz naps in his crib.  Attempt to roll the dough, cut the dough using twelve different holiday cookie cutters, bake the dough in seven-minute increments, transfer the cookies to cooling racks, and store each batch, all while Cruz sleeps in his crib.    I haven't exactly gotten Cruz on a schedule when it comes to afternoon naps; therefore, I have no idea if I'll get 15 minutes or 3 hour out of him.  I turn on the monitor, preheat the oven, and get to work on completely tearing up my kitchen.

Well, the sleepy one made it one hour in his crib.  He spent the rest of the time watching me from a secured location: his changing table pad on top of the kitchen counter.  I cleaned up my disaster and Cruz watched from afar.  I have no idea when I'm going to frost these little things, but I'm hoping Beau will be there for the occasion. 

4:40...Beau gets home, I run a few errands, and return to a steamy crock of soup. 

6:35...Best night ever.  Chicken tortilla soup and cornbread, a Christmas movie, and a bowl of popcorn for dessert.  The three of us, Cruz in the middle, in front of the fire.  He laid with us until he fell asleep.  Then, after his bottle, he laid there some more.  The older he gets, he's starting to realize that laying on a blanket with his parents is way cooler than laying on a blanket on his own.  He was in seventh heaven with a parent on either side of him!  He moved his little head back and forth, back and forth, to make sure we were both still there.  I think he likes us.

10:00...bedtime.  Cruz's two-month appointment, aka, the dreaded shots tomorrow.  But for tonight, it's sweet dreams of chubby baby cheeks...

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