Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December, December...

Although it seems like I just wrote my 'Happy November,' blog post, it's now time to welcome the last month of 2010.  December.  A month that fuels reflection and retrospect of the past year.  A month of all that is Christmas, from stocking stuffers and sugar cookies, to anticipation of the first snow, and mukluks on a Saturday morning.  Bundling up in the car for a drive to look at pretty lights, strolling up and down Main Street to 'Jingle and Mingle,' and fighting by the fists in big bowls of popcorn during a carpet picnic of It's a Wonderful Life.  A month of red Starbucks' cups, cornflake wreaths, and eggnog shakes at McDonalds.  A month that includes just one, last minute shopping run, and a very first trip to sit on Santa's lap. 

Yes, it's December, and I am ready to celebrate...

Celebrate this little gift under my tree this year. 

Happy December.  Happy Moments.  Merry Everything. 

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