Friday, October 28, 2016

A Chuck E. Cheese Birthday Bash

We had one final birthday party for the Cruz kid last week at Chuck E. Cheese, and invited a fun mix of both old and new friends to help us celebrate.  I scheduled a Wednesday night party and this ended up being a great idea on many levels.  All nine littles were able to make it, we were the only scheduled party there all night, and other than a handful of families there to play a few games, we practically had the place to ourselves.  This, in my opinion, is the only way to do Chuck E.  My mom came to our house to stay with Mila, and Beau and I (and the sweet hostess) gave Cruz the ultimate kid experience.  I ordered a Star Wars cake complete with all the cheesy decals, we put together some favor bags with a variety of Star Wars loot, and Cruz chose a superhero theme for his party that included a cape, glasses, and his very own cardboard cutout.  We showed up, went over the rundown with the hostess, and they Chuck E. took care of the rest.  It was easy, low maintenance, and Cruz had the time of his life.

Highlights of his night included a pretty successful attempt in the ticket blaster, where he made out with a 500 ticket voucher, the Price is Right game that earned him another 500 tickets, the generosity of his friends and how excited they all were to watch him open their gifts, and last but not least, the macaroni and cheese pizza.  I'm telling ya, we had Mulligans' macaroni pizza last night and both said Chuck E. has it beat. 

It took two trips to get everything out to the car, and by the time we returned home Wednesday night, we were officially partied out.  And Cruz has enough new Lego sets to last through the winter.  For as little as he is, he sure is blessed with some great little buddies. 


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