Friday, October 14, 2016

Twenty Questions for SIX

For the last four years, I have asked Cruz the same twenty questions around his birthday.  And last year, instead of simply typing out his answers, I recorded an interview with him.  Tonight, we did the same, then sat on the couch together and watched last year's recording.  Sometimes, it's hard to notice their growth and changes when you're in the day-to-days, but watching the differences in a year was crazy.  People have said that once you send your baby off to Kindergarten, they grow up in what seems like a day.  These videos mean the world to me - their tiny munchkin voices, their big eyes, the way they can't say all their words right yet, and the fact that they can't sit still to save their lives, are forever stuck in time thanks to these sweet little movies.  

Without further adieu, Cruz at SIX YEARS OLD!

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