Friday, October 28, 2016

a hartman hike

It wouldn't be fall without a weekend hike at one of our favorite spots in Cedar Falls.  We have been blessed with a fall season of beautiful weekends this month and exploring the trails at Hartman Reserve is about as pretty as it gets around here.  Cruz and I played the five sense game and took turns describing our surroundings with one of the five as we walked.  I see a squirrel high up in that tree.  I hear the wind blowing through the trees.  I feel the leaves crunch under my feet.  I smell fresh air and falling leaves.  My favorite feature of this treasure this time of year, though, is that you can actually experience the trees shedding their leaves.  It was a breezy day this Sunday, but we were sheltered within the canopy of golden trees, and as we explored from one trail to the next, you couldn't help but notice hundreds of leaves dancing to the ground from above.  It was literally raining golden leaves all around us, and it was a beautiful sight. 

It was warm outside and Mila fittingly had her bright red boots on when she came upon a rain puddle in the middle of the bike trail.  So as the boys checked out their discovery of "Bullfrog Bayou," Mila and I had a little fun getting just a teensy bit wet.  And then we found a birch tree with some very Christmasey limbs for the taking, and ended our excursion with what might be our very last trip of the season to Four Queens for ice cream.  It was a good day.

Enjoy this last weekend of October, everyone.  We are hoping for some fun outside, three Cubs wins at Wrigley, a bowl of soup, and a steamy cup of cider.  Fill it with all things fall, folks!    

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