Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A Gorgeous White Barn Wedding

My friend, Brooke, was married October 8 in Clear Lake and I was honored to be one of her bridesmaids.  Brooke and I have been friends as long as we have been born.  Our parents were close when they were young, we grew up across the street from each other in not one, but two neighborhoods in my hometown, we were best friends all through high school and college, and I was at Brooke's side the day she welcomed her sweet baby boy, Brody, into this world.  From sipping 7up out of champagne glasses and playing "wedding", to cruising down Main Street in high school, me doing the steering and Brooke at my feet doing the pedals, my growing up years include many memories with Brooke in them.  When you know someone for that long, you've shared just about everything with each other, and for all the silly and sweet memories we've had, we've also been there for the sad ones.  After a lot of years of wondering what was in store for her, Brooke married her forever, Mike, at the sweetest outdoor ceremony, and one of the prettiest weddings I've ever attended.  It was intimate, personal, and unique, and the small details and this absolutely gorgeous location felt like something out of a novel.

The wedding and reception were held at Diamond Oak Events in Clear Lake, and it was gorgeous!  Basically, this couple turned their sprawling property, filled with literally hundreds of big oak trees, into a wedding venue.  On one side of the property, a dozen old church pews are set up behind a gorgeous hops-sprawling trellis, with an old antique chandelier set up above the bride and groom.  Old barnwood doors create an entrance for the wedding party to enter.  On the other side of the property is a simple white barn, with big doors on both ends and windows turned doors on the sides.  At night, hundreds of strings of twinkle lights hang from the oaks surrounding the property, creating this mystical and magical setting in the middle of nowhere.


Brooke had a vision to accentuate this setting with simple but unique rustic touches and she absolutely nailed it.  The bright white tablecloths were lined with fresh eucalyptus runners, navy napkins, and craft paper thank yous with bold black lettering.  Wood chargers served as centerpieces and cake plates, and wood blocks and chalkboards served as signs for reserved seating and the wedding party program.  The small details were my favorite.  I loved the big basket of white blankets with a chalkboard sign that read, "To have and to hold, and in case you get cold..."  I loved the old frame that hung from a tree as a photo op for guests.  And Brooke absolutely nailed her dress and the wedding party's attire.  Her simple, yet elegant ivory dress, the guys' navy suits and suspenders, and our bold colored floral maxis made for one of the prettiest wedding parties I have seen.  I'll admit I was a little skeptical when Brooke instructed her bridesmaids to each find our own fall-colored floral maxi dress, but she showed me.  The photographer in me couldn't stop taking pictures of the colors and details and I can't wait to see the professional ones. 

It was a gorgeous October day and everything felt relaxed and simple.  Brooke looked beautiful and I'm convinced she found one of the sweetest men to call her husband.  The wedding party was big and lots of fun, and we all loved the live band reception.  My entire family was there, Mila proved to be the biggest party animal outlasting her cousins on the dance floor, and it was fun to see Taylor and Kate's wheels turning at their first wedding since their own engagement.  Their barn wedding is set for May 2017 and we can hardly wait. 

Best wishes to Brooke Nicole and her groom, Mike.  Wishing you a lifetime of happiness and a forever of big and simple adventures together.


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