Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bare Feet and Chubby Cheeks

I love weekends. Especially weekends in the summer. And today, it felt like summer. A 90 degree, May 23rd day seemed like a week in August. And let's just say, I'm glad it's not August yet! Today was Charly's baptism day. A day for our families to join and celebrate the life of one little girl. In her pretty pink dress and cream satin shoes, she was so sweet during church. She listened intently to the band and calmly sat in Jordan's arms, almost as if she knew she was about to be part of something important. She was especially a trooper when the pastor got a little crazy with the water. As he doused her little head of hair with the holy water, she only blinked tight a few times and stared at the congregation as they stared back with wide smiles and plenty of 'oohs' and 'awes.'

Afterwards, we went back to Jordan and Kelli's for a reception. It was hot, but I was more than happy to rock my little niece to sleep in the shade of a big oak tree. Although her hair resembled Jack Nicholson from 'The Shining,' and her little arms and legs were sticking to mine from the heat, she was the sweetest. Later, we brought her in and she soaked up the center of attention. She smiled, cooed to her Grandpa Denny, and showed us her new trick, over and over again: rolling from her back to her tummy. She rolls to her tummy like nobody's business; however, hasn't figured out how to get back to her starting position. She squeals and kicks her feet in frustration until someone helps roll her back. She reminds me of a little ladybug stuck on its back. Only in reverse :)

Summer is here. Days when you can almost see the steam radiate from people's bodies, only to be cooled to almost shivers when stepping into the AC. Days when my flowers seem to bloom into new shapes every single day. Days when bare feet touch more bare sidewalks and prickly grass than carpet. Days when nothing sounds more refreshing than a quick dip in a cool pool. Days when freezy pops become a regular part of a balanced diet, and ponytails replace the hair straightener. Days when the nights come late and the mornings come later. Days when the sounds of Ron Santo and Pat Hughes and an ice cream cone from MooRoos beat even the most delicious dreams.

Summer is here and for that I am happy.

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