Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Since announcing our baby news several weeks ago, I've felt repeatedly blessed to work at a school. Not only am I surrounded by people who deeply care for kids, but also surrounded by so many experienced moms and dads. The minute they found out the news of my pregnancy, they've welcomed me into the club with wide open arms, and I've realized through this process that I need them. In the busyness that comes with the end of a school year, they haven't missed a beat. The unexpected hugs from teachers for no other reason than to feel the progression of the baby bump, the sweet questions from teachers I would never expect to be concerned (especially the males), and the overwhelming offers of help, loans, and support have been uplifting.

Yesterday, Elizabeth and Bridgette threw Baby J a shower, complete with cold beer and vino for end-of-the-year burnout, fancy cheeses and cookies, and little plastic babies trapped in ice cubes, seeking to be melted through a variety of creative techniques by multi-disciplinary teachers determined to win a door prize! I was humbled to see so many teachers come to celebrate, and blessed to open so many nice cards and baby essentials! These teachers know how to shop! I received the cutest button-up sweater for Baby J, a travel bassinet/pack n' play, Burt's Bees for Babies, several cute sleepers, and a 'Whale of a Tub!'

Other Highlights???

-I loved that Mr. K, our high school art teacher, went shopping 'on his own,' and used the gift receipt as his card, signing it, To: Boy Jorgensen, From: Boy K.
-I loved the science department's 'mish-mash' gift, given with much 'love and affection,' as signed in their card.
-I loved the library of books! So many books given to the English teacher by mommies who have read with their littles for years and know 'the good stuff.' I think Beau needs to build a bookcase!
-I loved watching Shelly vigorously try and melt her 'trapped' baby by sucking on her ice cube, only to lose miserably to several others first

Thanks to my readers and fellow teachers. And we're off to Summer BREAK!

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