Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Fab Four

Dear Lil' J,

Well, baby, this is a big week for you. Not only have you graduated from ounces to a whole pound, but you are utilizing four of your senses. I'm a little frustrated that I haven't felt you move yet, but hope you are practicing these fab four (nothing to smell yet) often. They are important for so many reasons and enable you to experience all that makes up this world we live in...this world you will soon be the newest member of.

My pregnancy bible, 'What to Expect...' says you have just recently acquired your ability to touch; however, I can't imagine there is a whole lot for you to touch in there. I picture you pulling and yanking on your umbilical cord (be careful with that), and maybe even touching your toes. I'm sure you can feel the warmth of your surroundings; however, don't get any wild ideas about staying in there longer than expected (like past October 5). Turns out it was pretty warm in my surroundings too this week. Yesterday, it was 90 degrees outside, and my classroom was even warmer than that! I had a glimpse of what it is going to be like in August, only 9 months pregnant! I only hope I can avoid the kankles and grape toes, but as the Black Eyed Peas say, "I gotta feeling..."

Sight...although your little eyelids are still fused shut (how annoying that must be), you can still sense light. I think I'm going to shine a flashlight on my belly until I feel you move. Maybe I can blind you into flinching :)

Just wait, little one. Just wait until you can experience all there is to see in this world. Your first fireworks on the fourth of July, your first snowfall, the bright blue summer sky, and the lush green grass. Your first trip to the mountains, to the zoo, and to Wrigley Field.

Sound...this is cool. Not only can you hear me, but you can hear your dad, probably my students when they are being too loud in class, American Idol, and Jack Bauer on 24. You can for sure hear Jay-Z's Black Album as Beau blares it in his car, and the sounds of Jack Johnson while I clean the house on Saturdays. Music will definitely be a big part of your life and you better get ready for a wide diversity of it.

Taste...I might have saved the best for last. This is really exciting for me, as I love to cook and play with new recipes and new ingredients. Although you are limited when it comes to touch and sight, taste is different. You can taste just about everything I eat...that means, it is up to me to start introducing you to all the fabulous tastes there are in this world. The fresh taste of a cucumber from the Farmer's Market, a ripe, juicy strawberry, and a savory hamburger fresh off the grill. A perfect piece of pepperoni pizza, the melded taste of veggies in a fresh salsa from Pablo's, and the sweetness of a melted chocolate chip cookie dunked in a bowl of vanilla ice cream.

The fab four...so much to see, to feel, to taste, to hear. You won't miss a beat, little one.

Love you to pieces!

-Your mom

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