Monday, May 3, 2010

Refreshing Sundays

As a teacher, it's sometimes difficult to enjoy Sundays. Especially during the long months after Christmas break, where the cold, ice-capped winter begins to break into small shards of spring, I oftentimes sit at my kitchen table for long hours, commenting on an endless pile of papers, bending my mind in order to write a day's lesson plan or unit outline, and anxiously watching the last few hours of weekend disappear behind the clock as I attempt to psyche myself up for another work week. As Beau lazily watches football, or neighbors walk their dogs by our front window, I refill my cup of tea and yearn for the Sunday when I can join in on the fun.

Yesterday, I joined in on the fun. I looked at my to-do list before church and made some quick fixes. Replaced 'student essays,' with 'plant flowers.' Erased 'To Kill a Mockingbird plans' and penciled in 'snoop around Target.' It was a freeing experience and I must say, as I curled up in bed last night, I felt more accomplished than I have felt on a Sunday in a really long time.

It was refreshing.

Refreshing as a cup of steamy cocoa with a dollop of whipped cream as I softly sing hymns beside my husband in church. Refreshing as a message about a desired destination and a new path on how to get there. Refreshing as an open hand to grab hold of during communion.

Refreshing as the first smell of fresh line-dried laundry. Refreshing as the perfect way the clean clothes hang in the closet. Refreshing as a basket full of clothespins and an empty hamper.

Refreshing as a new bag of soil and a driveway full of pretty flowers. Refreshing as looking outside my front windows at the sight of superbells and petunias reaching their new roots to the full sun in front of them. Refreshing as a front lawn with fresh cut grass, a root beer, and a Subway Italian BMT.

Refreshing as the first afternoon break on the deck, sipping a cherry Italian soda and watching the breeze blow new life into old t-shirts on the clothesline. Refreshing as watching Beau and Dad enjoy an afternoon beer together, and letting Mom pat my pregnant tummy.

Refreshing as the metallic taste of hose water as it drenches our newly planted flowers and bushes. Refreshing as a juicy hamburger on a hot bed of coals. Refreshing as a quick spring storm to signal a day's work done. Refreshing as a fresh pair of socks, an overtly large bowl of ice cream, and a new Pottery Barn magazine.

I think I might try this lazy Sunday thing again next weekend :)

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