Monday, March 7, 2011


It's Day Two of Project Baby Food.  Day two of carrots.  Day two of my new-found love affair with Beaba.  I couldn't wait to get home to puree more veggies.  It's like the first few days following Christmas when I was a little girl...minus the baby, the job, and the husband of course.  I love my new toy and am having lots of fun starting my very own restaurant for the Cruz Dude.

Tonight, I pureed broccoli and potatoes.  One potato, a cup of broccoli, and of a beautiful green concoction.  I've experimented with vegetables I've never even tasted before, and look forward to seeing how Cruz reacts to each.  

So how did Cruz do with his very first serving of carrots?  

Well, after a totally hilarious face of "what the heck is this in my mouth," followed by a gag-spit-almost-throw-up action after giving him a tiny spoonful of pure carrots, I decided to mix some with his formula.  Creamy carrots so to speak.  Let's just say we'll stick to this for the time being.  The pure carrots was a little too much for his little taste buds.  

I love how big boy he seems in his high chair.  Tonight after school, he sat buckled in and played with his chain links while I prepared his supper.  He squealed in delight and smiled in between every bite; however, grew distracted by Jade pacing back and forth on the kitchen table beside him.  Last night, he opened his mouth like a little bird when the spoon got close; tonight was another story.  He was definitely not as interested, and I basically had to pry his little lips open with the spoon.  He did eventually finish the tiny bowl of carrots, however, he's a slow eater.  I think he takes after his Grandma Kelly... 

We're going to stick to carrots for awhile, hoping to eventually lose the formula and try some pure carrots.  Judging from tonight, however, it might be awhile.    

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