Friday, March 11, 2011

Five Months Old

Tonight is Spring Break Eve.  I sigh a deep breath of relief.  We've made it through the first half of this semester, and before we know it, we'll be lying in the middle of the backyard, sipping on sun tea and introducing our baby to the green green grass.  Can't wait for this.

Tonight was perfect.  After a not-so-good day of two, twelve-hour flu bugs, Beau and I were relieved to feel back to normal.  Cruz took down his carrots like a champ, soaked and splashed in a bath, and fit snug as a bug in a new fleece (six month) sleeper.  We cuddled with his favorite blanket, read Goodnight Moon, and fell asleep in the recliner.  His hands felt especially soft tonight, and his head smelled especially good.  And as we cuddled, I drifted off in a day dream of the last five months of this baby's life...

Five Months.  I'm having a hard time typing this.  Cruz has grown up so much this month, and although I think every month that goes by is the most fun, I still feel like it's passing by too quickly.  I'm more than ready for a full week at home.

Cruz has turned into a baby full of spunk this month.  He makes fish faces, blows spit bubbles, and is quite good at the 'motor boat.'  He growls on the way to day care in the morning, and goes crazy tugging on his plastic chain attached to his car seat.  He loves sitting in his bumbo seat, loves going for walks at day care, and loves hanging out like a big kid on his daddy's shoulders.  He sees everything, smiles big when we pick him up from day care, and would play peekaboo for hours.  

This month has also been about discovery.  Cruz is intrigued by everything around him, whether it's his feet, the TV remote, my hair, or his toys.  He loves textures and is awestruck by the living room carpet.  He'll roll himself off his blanket, then run his fingers back and forth across it, mesmerized by the way it feels.

Another interesting discovery Cruz made this month was the cat.  He cranes his neck to follow her, and reaches for her tail with his mouth wide open as if it's his dinner.  Jade is becoming a little more friendly with him; however, darts away pretty fast when his hand reaches for her face.  

I can't believe Jade is allowing this to happen...

Cruz is showing signs of being quite the independent boy.  He holds his bottle by himself, reaches for it as we're mixing it, and knows exactly what to do with his pacifier.  Cruz can sit by himselfl however, he becomes a little Humpty Dumpty in a matter of seconds.  This explains why I don't exactly have pictures of this milestone!

Another thing Cruz seems to be figuring out is crawling.  He's always been a pro on his tummy, and lately, we've witnessed signs of mobility.  He pushes up on his hands, lifts his chest off the ground, and kicks his legs like crazy.  If you leave him in the middle of the living room floor, he'll eventually work his way across the room.  The problem is, he usually grows frustrated on his tummy and wears himself out.  Beau and I get so excited for this next phase, however, know things will change once we have a mover!  

The last big milestone this month involved Cruz's first baby food.  The month began with cereal before bed and now, he gets cereal in the morning and veggies at night.  So far, we've only tried carrots, but after a full week, Cruz has proved to be quite the fan.  We're almost finished with the first round of carrots, and I'm looking forward seeing his reaction with the next dish!

Happy Five Months, Cruz!  Soon you'll be able to lay around in your onesie all day long!  Spring is coming!

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