Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It happened again...


Well, it turns out, flash drives don't have elbows.  Praying my guys at Flash Drive Pros can 'straighten' this out...

I guess you live and learn...but sometimes it takes a couple tries :(



  1. Hi Ashley, Were the guys at Flash Drive Pro able to fix your usb? My daughter has the same problem, and all of her school work is on it. I've tried calling them, but no answer...

  2. Hi Julie!
    Flash Drive Pros recovered my files! When this happened last year, I had my files within two days; this year, it took a little longer because the team of engineers ran into some issues with staffing, as well as my flash drive being a little more challenging this time around. I just received the good news tonight.
    I would try calling again. I am so impressed with their commitment and honesty.



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