Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Break has Begun!

One part water, one part hydrogen peroxide, and a teaspoon of Dawn dish soap.  This is how my Spring Break began.  Friday night, as Beau was getting up to take a picture of me asleep on the couch (I must have looked really cool), he knocked over an entire glass of wine wine.  On our cream carpet.  So, at 10:00 at night, I discovered the effectiveness of this beautiful little concoction, as well as the Sham-WOW we won during last year's Toad's Chili Cook-On.  

My mission statement for Spring Break 2011?  It can only go up from here!

After two incredibly busy weekends the past couple weeks, I was ready for a weekend at home.  A weekend that included the basics: 

Like tackling Mt. Laundry...

And disguising Beau's extra strong coffee with extra sugar, and discovering the beauty of a Wal-Mart apple turnover...

We did our usual Friday night dinner-and-a-Target-run, with beer battered fries and ranch at The Screaming Eagle, and a cart full of paper towels, Downey, eyeliner, and rice cereal at Target.  Saturday night we stayed in, cuddled with Cruz and watched 127 Hours.  Sunday was church, a sump pump installation, and a new project that was supposed to take an hour, but of course, ended up taking much longer.  Such is home improvement, I guess.  

Cruz had a great weekend.  He is officially a carrot eater, and gets really excited when he gets that first bite.  The first round of carrots are gone, but I haven't decided what is on the menu for tomorrow.  Today I made butternut squash.  Yum.

Cruz also developed a new trick this weekend.  All of a sudden, while I was getting him dressed this morning, he started moving his head from side to side.  He did it over and over and over again, and looked incredibly silly.  At first I thought he was having a seizure; however, quickly realized, due to the smirk on his face, that he was proud of his new development.  This little head shake continued all day long and morphed into something that looked similar to Tourettes.  The more response he received from his audience, the more he did it.  Kind of scary, kind of adorable.

Looking forward to a week at home with my little bobble head.  I have big plans in store for us...plans that involve books and cuddling, and maybe a walk or two outside.  Keeping my fingers crossed for some sixty degree temps!

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