Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ten Things...

Ten random thoughts on this day in March...

1. Today is Brooke’s birthday. Today is Dr. Seuss’s birthday. Beau read One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish to Cruz this morning before school. I wanted to make cupcakes and celebrate the Zooks and Wumps and Sam-I-Ams in true birthday style, but realized my time was better spent reading and cuddling with my little bookworm.  Cruz loves his Dr. Seuss and I look forward to introducing him to Horton, the Lorax, and that mean-old-Grinch when he gets a little older.

2. If there’s a mental picture I could freeze in my mind forever, it would be yesterday. A picture of my son, sitting up big and tall, strapped in a four-person plastic stroller, going for a walk at ‘school.’ He was much smaller than the other three riders, but that didn't seem to phase him.  He looked SO FUNNY strapped in that little seat, and best of all, he flashed me the most adorable smile when he spotted me.  It was his first, "Mom, look at me!" smile, and I melted onto the floor in a puddle of love.  A-DOR-A-BLE.

3.  Bless you, NU Panthers.  For the fourth year in a row, the boys basketball team has made it to the Iowa State Tournament, meaning that our Spring Break starts a little early and our 'school days' consist of a trip to Des Moines to cheer on our boys, followed by a yummy lunch with fellow teacher friends.  The energy around school is pretty high right now, and the 'Dog Pound' is getting pretty comfy in those front seats at the Des Moines Event Center. 

4. This morning, Cruz decided to serenade me on my way to work.  He's usually incredibly quiet in the car; however, this morning, I was fortunate enough to listen to him sing/talk/growl the entire way to work.  And trust me, that sound is better than any Cee Lo song on the planet.

5.  Last night, I 'forgot' to bring my school bag home.  And Cruz and I?  We played.  We cuddled.  We talked, and giggled, and sat face to face during tummy time.  Some nights, I want to be Superwoman; some nights, I just want to be 'Mom.'

6. Today is day TWO of my water binge.  I upped the ante, however, and am committing to drink 64 oz. of water a day.  That's eight, eight-ounce glasses of water, the recommended amount for us according to Mayo Clinic.  It may sound easy for some, but for me, it's going to be a challenge.  I'd much rather down a Diet Mountain Dew than a glass of H2O, and usually only crave a glass of ice water after a great run or a hot day outside (to which none are going to occur in what looks like the near future).  Fortunately for me, I've been battling a sore throat and frequent 'tickle' in my throat, so water has not been far from my reach this week.  

7. My 10th graders would be the first to admit they can be quite the unruly bunch.  So this afternoon, after giving them a day away from class to help the kindergarten class roller skate in the gym, I was shocked and humbled to see them in this environment.  Watching them help lace skates, secure helmets, and get started on their feet was amazing.  I didn't know what was cuter...the kindergartner or the helpful 10th grader.  I was proud of them and kicked myself for not having my camera.  I could have watched them shine in this light all day long.
8.  Shamrock Shakes have arrived at McDonalds.  I rewarded myself with one today after finishing my 64 oz. of water.  Just when I thought the Shamrock Shakes couldn't get any better, the McCafe did it.  Now, in a clear plastic frappuccino cup, with more than a dollop of whipped cream and a perfect maraschino cherry on top.  It was pretty, refreshing, and kind of made me feel like I was drinking a frozen grasshopper at work.  

9.  I am longing for Spring more than I ever have.  I am suffocating and need fresh air, a clean car, and walks outside.  And more than ever, I need a shopping trip.  I need Express and American Eagle, Gap and Ann Taylor.  I need to forget about Baby Gap and Focus on Big Gap. 

10.  This weekend, I'm going to begin my new culinary endeavor of making my own baby food.  I'm ready for my baby to try some carrots and parsnips, apples and pears.  After all, we all need a little color in our lives...

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