Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dear Baby...

Well, here we and me...almost halfway through this pregnancy. I don't know about you, but I can't believe how fast it has went. As I keep on moving through the end of another school year, you are moving too. Baby Development 101 says you are moving your arms and legs like crazy right now, getting ready for lots of years of running around with your mom and dad. You'll keep us busy, that's for sure.

Speaking of your mom and dad, I feel it is only fair to give you a glimpse of what you can expect to be part of in the Jorgensen household; to prepare you for the uniqueness you will be part of. Last night, Beau and I watched your cousin, Charly. She had her two month shots earlier that afternoon (sorry to say you will get these too), and was worn out to say the least. So, for the first 45 minutes, she nuzzled her head into my arm and slept like the sweet baby she is (hopefully you'll follow her lead with the sleeping habits). As I snuggled up with Charly and watched 'Glee,' I felt Beau glaring at me from across the room. He had waited patiently and it was his turn to hold his niece. Soon, she woke up, happy and rested. She smiled, cooed, and watched intently as Beau and I sang several old school 80s songs to her. When I handed her over to Beau, he thought it seemed like the right time to play 'Superman.' Charly embraced this role, sticking both arms out in front of her, even clasping her tiny hands into fists. Her face was the best though. As Beau gently flew her through the air, her look was one of intensity, of a hero on a mission. She loved it, especially when her uncle proceeded to play the 'Superman' theme song on the computer. By the time Jordan and Kelli had returned home, the 'Superman' song had repeated itself multiple times. Needless to say, Charly was happy to see her mommy and daddy!

Will our parenting styles follow the norm? Maybe not. Will we know what we are doing all the time? You can bet not. Will we raise you to be a unique soul, who follows your own ways and makes the world your masterpiece? I sure hope so.

Will we have fun? Absolutely!!!

I love you, sweet little one. - Your mom

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