Wednesday, July 7, 2010

28 Weeks!

(Beau highlighting the baby bump, as if it needs any help!)

How far along? 28 Weeks

Total Weight Gain/Loss? I say a gain of 17 pounds; the doctor says 13

Maternity Clothes? Still loving summer dresses and my favorite pair of maternity shorts. After going through my clothes yesterday as I organized my new closet, I had a hard time believing I would ever fit into some of my old favorites ever again! Beau may not agree, but I see a post-partum shopping spree in my future!

Stretch Marks? No

Sleep? Waking up at 4:00 am this morning was not fun. It turns out, there’s a reason God gave me a good pair of REM eyes…I think way too much in the middle of the night. Is this what parenting is going to be like?

Best Moment This Week? I am so blessed to have such a great place to go to have this baby. The nurses and doctors are unbelievable. My 28 week appointment was today and I left feeling so reassured. Little dude’s heartbeat was 135…somebody was feeling sleepy after the momentary sugar high from my glucose screening. Now I’m onto 2-week appointments. And next time…another ultrasound! Turns out, baby hasn’t grown as much as he should since my last appointment, even though I feel like I’m carrying a lot more around with me lately. Bring on the burgers and milkshakes I guess!

Least Favorite Moment This Week? Unfortunately, the achiness has not subsided. It’s like a new surprise every morning when I wake up. Last week, my pelvis. Last weekend, my tailbone. Today, my entire lower body is achy. I’m walking funny and feel the need to make a Williams’ sister-like grunt when I bend over to pick something up. I know everything in there is shifting and pulling and moving and growing, and now I just have to learn to ‘grow’ with it. I’m used to feeling good and this is just a shock to my system I guess. It’s okay that it hurts to even think about riding a bicycle and that a trip up the stairs leaves me feeling a bit more winded than usual. When I told the doctor that it hurt when I lifted things, she said, “Well, silly, you shouldn’t be lifting things anyways.”

Gender? BOY!

What I Look Forward To? The baby’s closet is cleared out! I now have a place for his whale of a tub!

Milestones? Baby should be taking his first breaths of air! This is a dose of relief for an expectant mommy!

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