Thursday, July 22, 2010

Yeah, Baby!

Dear Baby J,

Well, little man, today you made your mommy and daddy really proud.  Today was my 30 week appointment and a special one at that, as we were anticipating an ultrasound.  As you remember, we were told two weeks ago that you were measuring a little small and needed to 'beef' up.  I didn't mind the news because 1) I like to eat, and 2) we got an excuse to have another ultrasound!  So this morning, as I drove to pick your dad up on the way to the appointment, I was reminded of some of the same emotions I experienced before our 20 week appointment. 

Excited to see how you've changed...

Anxious to see lots of new growth and development...

and a little nervous to see something not-so-good. 

Just ten weeks ago, we found out you were a healthy little boy.  We watched you stretch your legs and move your arms, yawn, and drift of to sleep.  You were bony and a little mutant-looking, but active, healthy, and right on track.

In the ten weeks that followed, I feel like I've gotten to know you quite well.  I feel your bubbles and kicks, and know when you are sleepy and when you are crazy.  So today, as I watched you on that ultrasound screen, it was different.  Instead of a 'discovery,' it was more of a 'checking in' so to speak.  And, boy, are you looking good!

First of all, I couldn't believe how much room you filled up.  You still had room to move (and were taking full advantage of it), but your little body filled up the entire screen.  No longer are your arms so bony; they (and your little boy 'parts') have thankfully fell into better porportion with the rest of your body!  You weigh about 3.5 pounds and measure a little 'above average' on the growth charts (good news)!

Then the ultrasound tech. showed us the 4-D pictures of you.  We could see a perfect little glimpse of your face!  Instead of a teenage mutant ninja turtle, you look like a sweet, chubby little boy!  Oh man are you cute!  As I watched you blink your little eyes, I couldn't help but laugh and think about what exactly you are doing in there.  To me, you were just sitting contently, chillin', hanging out until the timer goes off.  

And, then, just like that, you'd had enough of the sweet baby face.  With one, simultaneous motion, you kicked my stomach!  The picture on the screen shook and the ultrasound tech. laughed as she felt it through her little controller on my stomach.  One giant, WHACK, and our ultrasound was over!  You're strong, that's for sure ;)  

We're on the home stretch now, little one.  You keep cooking in there and before we know it, I'll be touching those little cheeks instead of staring at them through a digital image screen.
And because you did so good at your appointment today, I decided to reward you with a little shopping trip to Von Maur.  The stores are getting fall stuff out world!

I love you! 


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