Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dear YOU...

Baby J...

Happy 34 weeks, little man!  Last night I had a panic attack thinking about that number in my head.  It is getting unbelievably close to your D-Day, and we are overwhelmingly excited.  Pretty soon, when people ask when I'm due, I can reply that I'm due 'any day.'  Will you be a September baby?  Will you practice punctuality and come on time?  Or will you drag this process out as long as possible and arrive somewhere in the middle of October?  My guess right now is that you will be late; however, as much as you continue to squirm, you might be ready to exit that small space sooner than later.  My single request is that you do not decide to exit during the middle of class, resulting in a huge pool of water at my feet.  I'm sure this embarrassing water-breaking scene only exists in my dreams and in movies, but you've surprised me enough throughout this pregnancy, I'm readying and preparing for just about anything!

This week, things have been a little different around the Jorgensen household.  School has started, which means early mornings, quick lunches, a sore throat from talking A LOT, swollen feet, and one exhausted momma!   I can't believe how tired I was Monday night.  I was foggy headed, could hardly put words together in an email, and would have been satisfied crawling into bed at 5:00!  It was torturous, but has been progressively better each day since.

Today was the first day with students.  It was so great to see them!  They already love you!  They flocked over to see your growth spurt, gave me lots of hugs, quizzed me on names, and demanded I bring you in to see them as soon as you are born!  One of my favorite memories was the roaring applause you received during the welcome back reception!  It was almost as if you knew what was going on.  You squirmed, rolled, and tumbled more today than you have throughout my entire pregnancy!  Turns out, you are pretty good at this whole school thing!

Other milestones to record for this 34th week?  Well, your crib is finished and it looks awesome!  Your mom has diligently packed her lunch every day this week.  Oh, and you mingled with the President Ben Allen and his wife, Pat, last night!  It was my first invitation to the President's House and with you in tow, you were a welcome conversation piece with the Allen's!  Beau said that we should have asked them to take a picture with the belly for your scrapbook...
As we close the page of another summer, I anxiously anticipate this next season!  I get so excited sometimes that I can hardly breathe!  Thanks for joining me on this ride in a hot school building, for listening to my boring syllabus talk during school today, and entertaining me with your constant belly flops and somersaults.  You keep me on my (now swollen) toes, that's for sure.   

Love you, Baby J! 

Your Mom ;)

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