Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy Friday!

I made it through my first week of's going to be a great year!  I teach 9th and 10th grade this year and have some great groups of students.  They're fun, like to be challenged, and pick things up for me when I drop them :).  They'll take care of this pregnant lady!

When Friday rolls around, though, I'm always thankful for it.  I've been more tired than I ever thought possible this last week and am looking forward to a weekend of more nesting and even more relaxing.  Tomorrow, Beau and I are taking a quick road trip to pick up Baby J's new set of wheels, and I hope to get some work done in the nursery. I welcome another weekend, I reflect on all the little pieces of happiness that were strewn across my week.  As school starts and life gets busier, it's a matter of looking at the little things...

62.  The TV show, Friday Night Lights.  If you don't watch it, you should.  Best. Show.  EVAH.

63.  Rain showers while the sun shines.  Little kids refusing to let a little rain spoil their summer night play.

64.  Baby Gap Clothes.  Sleepers with footies, crocheted booties, tiny sockies, and soft onesies...

65.  Kate Mcrae.  The bravest, sweetest, most adorable little girl I know.  A girl who taught me about life, about faith, and about hope. 

"Patience with others is love, patience with yourself is hope, patience with God is faith."

66.  The Little Caesar's Guy.  You know, the ones who stand outside the pizza shop on University Ave., holding signs and using killer dance moves to lure customers in for the $5 Large Deal.  I don't know how many times I've missed a green light at an intersection because I can't take my eyes off the dance dude!  If I've ever in a bad mood, I'm absolutely, positively guaranteed a laugh on University and Progress Ave.  

67.  Pretty Woman.  The fairy-tale lovin' little girl comes out in me everytime!  If I happen to run across it flipping through channels on a busy afternoon, I can kiss productivity goodbye!

68.  Sam's Club.  Beau and I are fanatics!  We are actually considering building some additional pantry shelves to begin storing food in case of a nuclear missile attack. 

69.  A fresh, late summertime meal.  Tomatoes from Beau's secretary's garden, the best corn on the cob, and grilled hot dogs.

70.  The sounds of an ice cream truck in our neighborhood!  One night, Beau and I spent an entire walk attempting to find the direction of the music!  I've never actually seen a legitimate ice cream truck, only in the movies, and I was determined to finally witness one at the ripe age of 26.  I pictured little kids, shrieking and running towards the truck, waving their dollar bills, envisioning orange push-ups, fudsicles, and drumsticks.  Although I didn't get a chance to see the ice cream truck, I have a feeling the vision in my mind is far greater than the real thing! 

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend! 

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