Friday, August 6, 2010

I can feel it.  Summer is slipping away.  As I hazily turned the calendar over to welcome August the other day, the days in this month seem to fly by more than other months.  August is always like this.  As the school year seems to creep closer and closer to July each year, I find myself desperately trying to hang on and savor every day left before I'm once again trapped into a routine of 5:45 alarms, quick showers, and uncomfortable shoes.  

But...we live in Iowa and when one season wilts away, we are assured that another is waiting to take its place.  And the season that follows summer is quite possibly my favorite.  As damp swimsuits, wilted flowers, and an overworked lawn mower make room for cozy sweatshirts, crisp nights, and football games, I get excited for all that is fall.  Lately, I've been dreaming of pumpkin pie scented candles, day excursions to the river, apple crisp, gooey chocolate chip cookies, and pot roast.      

And comfort food isn't the only reason I might be a little more anxious for the fall months to roll around...

That's not to say, however, that I'm not going to miss this...

Yesterday, we discovered that Beau's birthday present is ideal for two.  With zero humidity, a great breeze, and a shortened afternoon at the office, we lazily rocked, talked, and felt baby move in the hammock.  We drifted into a sort of summer-induced coma, where the leaves on the trees became a hallucinogen and the breeze swept us away to another place.  

I hope you have enjoyed your birthday present, babe.  I know I have :)

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