Friday, August 6, 2010

Enjoying the view...

Dear Baby...

As I sit here at the kitchen table, attempting to recline more and more as to dislodge the foot that currently presses into my right rib, I am reminded of life.  More specifically, the 'life' that is currently occupying a large part of my thoughts, as well as my torso.  Last night, after a somewhat 'questionable' walk with my hubby (we'll get to that in a minute), I was sitting in the recliner staring at my sun-kissed belly and it hit me.  

"Beau, can you believe we are going to be parents?"

As much as you have been on my mind the past 32 weeks, from doctor's appointments, to symptoms, to nursery planning, onesies, travel systems, day care, and breastfeeding, every now and then I stop all the baby planning and it hits me like a ton of bricks.  The thought that the last eight months of my life are going to lead to a little person that is going to join our family forever.  The 36 weeks (and counting) are nothing but a preshow, a preview for the main event.  I think at times I fall guilty of getting so excited over the preview, that I miss the anticipation of the feature.  I don't know...maybe it all molds into one.  Either way, last night, I had one of those awe-inspiring, life-altering, light bulb in the eye moments...that in two months, we are going to have a baby. 

Today I had my 32 week appointment.  My last appointment where scheduling is a breeze and perhaps my last appointment with perfect blood pressure (as this girl goes back to reality in a week).  Our stats were good.  We had both grown in the last two by an inch (according to my belly), and me by three pounds.  You are still right where you need to be, head down, rump up, and the doctor smiled as she patted your bum.  Although she commented that I have a very nice, "bronzed belly," she did assure me that my time in the sun meant more water.  "If you aren't drinking enough water," she mildly scolded, "you may experience cramping and mild preterm labor symptoms."  

Funny, I thought, as I assured her I was staying hydrated.  After an afternoon in the sun yesterday, Beau and I went for our usual neighborhood walk.  About halfway through, I started what I like to call my 'waddle-shuffle' down the street.  As my waddling grew more and more noticeable, so did the cramps and Braxton Hicks contractions.  After a rather painful stretch home, soon, I was on the couch researching what exactly contractions feel like and making mental lists of what we need at the hospital.  Your first pregnancy is definitely unique in the fact that you have no idea what labor feels like.  Every cramp or new ache leaves me wondering...  some women have told me that when you are in labor, you know; others have said it's different with every pregnancy.  

Lesson learned...drink more water.  Submerging the baby bump into a kiddie pool of water does not exactly equal 'hydration.'  

Not much else to report for Week 32!  Stay rump up, little man!  I love feeling your feet! 

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