Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Sunday, while the boys sat shaded in the humidity and drafted the perfect team for the upcoming football season, I worked on my nest. 

I deep cleaned my kitchen, wiping out the microwave and vacuuming the cracks of our walnut floor.  I baked brownies simply for the smell that perforated through the kitchen.  I almost replaced my coconut, lime, and tropical scented wallflowers with my favorite fall scents, but forced myself to wait until at least September. 

It's begun.  Even if I wasn't pregnant, I'd be nesting.  It's that time of year again.  As the dog days of summer draw to a close, I transition to the next season with a new welcome mat.  Closets get cleaned, floors get waxed, and pillows get washed.  The grilling cookbooks are replaced with the comfort food ones, and soon, mums, pumpkins, and tri-colored leaves will replace shriveled petunias and wilted impatients.  

But this year, as I slowly begin to crave a mug of spicy cider and a stack of blueberry pancakes, my nesting is a little different.  

Today, I tied a bumper on a crib, rearranged a growing collection of books until they were perfect, and positioned a changing table pad.  I rearranged dresser drawers to make room for more itty bitty clothes, and found the perfect place for a family of stuffed animals.  Although the nursery isn't quite finished, I'd say it's ready for a sweet, sleeping baby.  

Since I found out we were having a baby boy, I've been planning, dreaming, and scheming plans for his nursery.  While Beau was trying to bring to life the vision of baby furniture I had floating through my sometimes scattered pregnant brain, I was scouring the internet for theme, inspiration, and budget-friendly decor. 

I decided to create a summer surf shack theme.  A fresh breath of escape during any month of the year.  I love baby blue, but wanted to take it up a notch.  I found the perfect bedding, full of bright blues, reds, navys, and greens.  Thanks to Pottery Barn Kids, I scored a matching rug, valance, and wall hangings. 

Sunday night, after a long day of awkward bending, standing, sitting, and lifting, I dimmed the lights, turned on the stereo, and rocked in Baby J's recliner, a hand-me-down treasure from Beau's Grandma J.  This is it, I thought.  For the first time in my pregnancy, I felt ready to bring a baby home.  I lit a few candles and read my monstrous tummy a few books.  It was a peaceful and sweet moment between mommy and baby...

And now, just a few previews of the nursery.  I still have a few ideas up my sleeve, but will see how much time I have and how swollen my feet stay over the next month!

Stay tuned for pictures of the furniture!  There is a separate post for that!     

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