Monday, August 19, 2013

My Peach

July 1, 2013

Eleven weeks!  My weekly update email said baby is about the size of a small peach this week and I just happened to have a peach in my fridge to see for myself.  And while it may only be 2 inches long, little sprout is fully formed, opening and closing his/her little fists, hiccuping, and doing somersaults in its water home.  I have to wait another month or so to start feeling those bubbles and kicks and I cannot wait.  

I seem to have escaped the morning sickness aspect of pregnancy again, but I'm still finding myself so tired in the middle of the day.  I take a nap with Cruz almost every afternoon and find myself lacking the motivation and energy to do a whole lot around the house.  I'm starting to think the whole nesting thing is part of God's plan for pregnant women to make up for the first trimester!  

I very definitely have a baby bump, much more prominent than I was with Cruz at 11 weeks.  Depending on the outfit, I think it's getting a little hard to disclose!  My appointment is in two weeks and we have plans to spill our baby secret after that.  


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