Sunday, August 4, 2013

Our Unseasonably Summer Week

I'm writing this blog post tonight with the windows open, a cool September-like breeze filling the living room, my new Georgia-made quilt wrapped around my legs, and a cup of tea on the end table next to me.  For more than a week straight, July has shocked us all, providing an unexpected preview to fall.  And while I'm glad we still have August and what I hope will be days filled with sunshine, swimsuits, and more days at the pool, this week has provided a nice little break and a comforting reminder of what's to come.  Apples and comfort food and sweatshirts and falling leaves.  You know, all that good stuff. 

I'm finished with our overly detailed, overly photographed vacation posts and ready to move onto simple posts of summertime here at home.  That, and lots of baby posts that I've been writing and saving for a few months now.  My 16 week appointment is on Monday and I can't wait to hear or see that sweet baby again.

We've been spending a lot of time at home, savoring the bits and pieces of the season...

...playground picnics with Cruz.  And since we had the park to ourselves, we took our happy meals to the top and ate like kings.

...clothes on the line on a perfect 75 degree day.  Nap time is often equated with laundry time as of late, but even laundry becomes fun when you hang it outside.

...a counter top full of Georgia peaches and my new endeavor---canning supplies.  It was as if the peach gods followed us home, bring a peach truck all the way from Georgia to the Blain's Farm and Fleet parking lot.  I purchased a crate and canned 12 quarts of them last Friday.  We've already went through two quarts and I'm starting to wonder if they'll last 'til winter.


...a little boy tuckered out on the living room floor.

...bug hunts and books outside under our maple tree - knowing this is my last summer with just him.

...newly washed patchwork quilts - every one of them.  

...Cruz and Dad hallway conversations.  Beau asked Cruz if he wanted Mom to have a baby and Cruz said, "Yea, a baby's gonna make me so happy."

...a fridge full of fresh produce.  It's been my second trimester craving of choice as of late, and I've spent lots of time at the Farmer's Markets and in the produce section of Hy-Vee (we're on a first name basis).  I can eat a Santa Claus melon in one sitting and I'm afraid we will never cook anything with our Sun Sugar tomatoes because they go from the vine to my mouth before Beau gets home from work.

...a beautiful Sunday.  Church, followed by succulents, followed by a stroll down Main Street, coffees and teas at Cup of Joe, and across First Street to the park past the bridge.  We were the only ones there and spent an hour playing restaurant with Cruz.  I loved this afternoon.

...dinners on the deck with all the summertime essentials: baby sweet corn from our friend, Steve, fresh melon, vinegar cukes from our backyard, and of course, a can of peaches.


...a frozen hot chocolate and season finale of The Bachelorette.

...a boy perfecting his swing.  He's come a long way this summer and now says he wants to be a 'bisball player.' in our own garden.  It's Cruz's thing.  He grabs a sand bucket and heads over to the cilantro plant that he knows he can pick from.  He especially likes it when I put a few sprigs in a vase and decorate our dinner table.

...and last but not least---the ice cream truck.  Can you get any more summer than that?!  

Cheers to August, and hopefully more summer!


  1. Sounds like you guys are having a great summer! You care to share your Hot chocolate recipe?

    1. It's actually from a Williams Sonoma store. It comes in a blue and brown container and looks like cocoa powder. You put a half cup in the blender with some milk and ice, and voila! It's amazing!

    2. Thanks Ashley! I found one on Pinterest that I tried and it was amazing!

  2. That frozen hot chocolate looks amazing - thanks for sharing. Your summer also looks great as well!!



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