Thursday, August 29, 2013

eighteen in the books...

Another week in the books over here and I'm happy to say I am officially caught up with posts!  I'm nearly at the halfway point of this pregnancy, which is exciting and terrifying at the same time!  I've got a closet restocked with maternity clothes, I'm gearing up for another semester at UNI on Monday, and in less than a week, we will find out whether this little squirt is another boy or a little girl.  Besides my allergies, which have been a bit out of control this week, I'm feeling good.  I also felt this sweet baby move quite often this week, a milestone that might just be my very favorite.  Not swift kicks quite yet, just little bubbles and flutters that make for perfect reminders of the magnitude that is happening inside of me!  Sure makes for the perfect distraction during meetings on campus this week.


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