Monday, August 12, 2013

My Present

With just a few short weeks of summer left, I can feel the seasons change and the bittersweet feeling that comes along with the end of one chapter and the start of another.  This morning, Cruz snuck in bed with us around 6:30 and the three (or four) of us wrapped up like one big pretzel and slept until 8.  We woke up to sunshine, another beautiful seventy-degree day, and a quick shower for Beau who was late for work.  I turned on some cartoons for Cruz, made some blueberry muffins, and tried to breathe in the simplicity of a morning at home.  

This afternoon looked similar.  We played cars in the backyard on a quilt, did some garden harvesting, and dried some rosemary and lavender in the kitchen.  We read stories about pirates, had mac n' cheese and apple slices for lunch, and I read a new book during nap time.  With a busy wedding weekend filled with lots of family time behind us, we're back to a slower pace and I'm filled with so much gratitude for the present.  

My present is a little boy who looks older to me everyday.  We sat together the other day and watched old videos of him as a baby.  I couldn't believe the change from last summer, from his short, stocky little frame, white baby hairs, and round face to this tall, growing boy today.  A boy with an imagination, a vocabulary, and a definite mind of his own.  A boy who is done with diapers, who loves race cars and pirates, and who could eat three blueberry muffins in one sitting.  A boy who is playful, carefree, and ready for every adventure we take him on.  A boy who will be such a good big brother but will always be the baby who made me a mama.  

My soon to be three-year-old...

...has the best coined phrases.  Lately, it's "yeah, sure sure," when he agrees to do something; "sorry, bout that," when he makes a mistake, or "here it goes," when he's about to do something adventurous. a leader.  We did Kindermusik this summer and I had to have a few heart-to-hearts about sharing the space and not being so overpowering.  He didn't mean to, but was so excited to take part in the new activities that he tended to get excited.  He also had a little crush on Tricia, the teacher, and I think he was trying to impress her!  While many kids chose to stay on their mamas' laps and take part from afar, Cruz was up close and personal, doing all the actions and answering all the questions with overt enthusiasm.  

...Cruz asks two questions, "Why?" and "How's that work?" constantly.  Beau and I have a pact that we will always answer his questions with a legitimate answer; however, it's a little tricky sometimes.  Like the other day when he asked, "Mom, you's got a baby in your tummy?  How's that work?"  Hmm...a little early for that talk, I think.

...We've been working on Cruz's baseball swing this summer and Cruz can consistently hit a ball from Beau's pitch.  He's discovered he loves "bisball", especially when we bring him to the real baseball diamond to practice.   

...Grandma Mary taught Cruz to do a periote and it's adorable.

...Books, race cars, blocks, and pirates still rank at the top of Cruz's playlist.  We now read books in his bed instead of the couch before bedtime, and I love how cozy it is up in his little nook.  His favorite things are makeshift treasure hunts outside (he has quite the imagination), pirate stories, and anything Lightning McQueen.

...Cruz has a profound interest in Jesus.  He asked if Jesus would be at Jill and Rob's wedding last weekend, and during the wedding party prayer before the ceremony, he kept repeating "Jesus is watching us."  I promise this has never been used as a threat at our house before!

...Cruz is completely potty trained and looking back, I'm amazed at how quickly and smoothly it all went.  It's a little sad to see unused diapers in the changing table; however, I'm mostly enjoying six months of no diapers for now!

...Naps have been effortless this summer, something that has never come easy here at home.  What used to be books, more books, and rocking is now something he just gets.  He's always been an early riser, so he's usually ready for a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon, usually perfect time for Days of our Lives to start ;).

...He fights a bath every night, but loves it once he's in there. 

...He's independent and most definitely defiant when he knows what he wants.  Lately it's climbing into his car seat himself and buckling the buckle on his seat and high chair.  One thing he shows absolutely no interest in, however, is getting himself dressed and undressed.  We pull his pants on and off when going potty, something we need to work on before he moves to the threes at daycare in a couple of weeks.

Cruz goes back to daycare soon and will transition to the three year old room on my first full week back to work.  I'm not ready to send him back to school, but know he is probably ready for new learning, old friends, and lots of adventures.  My goal for this new semester is to remain in the present and be grateful for what's there.  God has filled this world with so much beauty and so many blessings and living my best is remaining thankful for it all.    

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  1. Loved reading your post this morning. What a sweet boy! A good reminder...being thankful for the present! A good start to the week!



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