Saturday, September 18, 2010

Friends, football, and fireworks

Shortly after finding out I was pregnant, Beau and I received a call from Dallas, Beau's friend from Texas, telling us he had proposed to his girlfriend, Teresa.  We were beyond excited for the two of them, 1) because we knew Dallas was incredibly happy, and 2) because knowing Dallas, the wedding would be something big and exciting.  We envisioned a beach wedding, a week of all-inclusive with good friends, and a welcomed getaway after becoming parents (even though I now wonder if I could have left our little man after all).

After we found out Dallas and Teresa were planning a September wedding in Hawaii, we were a little disappointed that we would not be travelling to the the tropics to celebrate with them; however, we also knew that with all the expenses that go along with a new baby, it was probably better we stay put and focus on crib-building, sub planning, and diaper-buying.   

Last weekend, we got the next best thing!  We traveled to Fort Dodge to welcome the newlyweds back to the mainland and celebrate at a wedding reception.  No, we didn't have fresh flower leis, sand between our toes, and an umbrella drink in hand, but it didn't matter.  We had a river, a totally B.A. bar that resembled a 1970s style basement (complete with a lava lamps and an 8-track player), and Iowa football...what could be better than that?!?! 

Best of all was the fact that we had an entire day to hang out with great friends.  We laughed, listened to our husbands reminisce and tell the same college stories we've heard a million times before, and ate really great food (I'm allowed to comment on the food for a couple more weeks)...

We don't get together near as often as we should; however, it's such a comfort to know that when we do, nothing seems to change.  Families may grow and locations may change, but the relationships remain strong. 

The reception was held at this beautiful little golf course in Fort Dodge.  The patio overlooked this really pretty hilly area, perfect for the fireworks show Dallas put on as a finale to the night.

Yes, there was a fireworks show. 

A really great fireworks show.  

I told you Dallas likes to go all out.  

Although I was utterly exhausted by the time we made the trek home at the end of the night, it was worth it.  Beau was his typical giddy self after getting to spend a day harassing and telling jokes with his friends, I was forced to relax a bit, and Jen got to feel Baby J move...twice.  This might have been my favorite moment!  

Now, we await for July to celebrate the wedding of Heiney and Danielle.    

And if we're lucky, we'll have some visitors after Baby J arrives!

After a full day away Saturday, and a busy baby shower last Sunday, I am looking forward to a full weekend at home.  Lots to do before this little one arrives and Texas Roadhouse is calling my name!  

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