Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pep talk...

Hi peanut,

We've made it to 38 weeks, less than two weeks from my due date.  I'm getting more and more prepared, more and more anxious to see you, hold you, and try my hand at this new mommy thing.  About a week ago, I decided it was time for you to come out.  I had waited long enough, had been pregnant long enough, and it was time to get on with things.  I would say I'm usually a pretty patient person; however, I once heard that 'patience is the art of hoping,' and well, I was really hoping for a baby this week!  

After today's appointment, however, I learned that it's really not up to me when this whole birth thing happens.  Weekly doctor's appointments are so much fun, as I wait in anticipation all week to see how much closer we are to D-day.  I like to call this 'cervical suspense.'  Today's appointment, however, was like one of those really suspenseful movies that ends about 10 minutes too soon.  The ones where you stay in the theater a little longer, watching all the credits, hoping the director will turn around and yell, 'Gotcha!' before revealing another, more satisfying ending. 

What I learned at my appointment today is that you are warm, snuggly, and content exactly where you are.  I'm not sure if it was the meal at Texas Roadhouse last weekend, or the dreary weather we've been having lately, but you are showing no strong signs of wanting to exit the ute anytime soon.  This is okay, as I've always envisioned an October baby, and have final work to complete at school; however, let's not get too carried away, deal?  I mentioned I was a patient person; however, your daddy is terrible at waiting.  In fact, he would like to remind you that he would really prefer a buddy to watch football with this weekend.  And the Bears have looked quite impressive so far this season!

Other news to report from this side of the ute?  Your momma has been a little emotional lately, my belly button is now half in, half out, and new shows started on TV this week.  Fall is in full swing in the Jorgensen household, with a Pepsi roast in the crockpot, a squash on the countertop, and mums planted outside.  I ordered you a Halloween costume last night and can't wait to see you in it.  

As I wait in suspense for another week to go by, I want you to know how incredibly loved you are.  You have given our lives a whole new meaning and for that, I can wait.  Your birth day will be here soon enough and until then, it's about savoring the last few days of carrying you, feeling you move, and having your sweet little companionship with me always. 

I love you, always and forever...


The three of us, 38 weeks pregnant.  Your dad is a goof ball.

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