Sunday, September 19, 2010

Just what I needed...

My favorite pair of Gap leggings, an oversized hoodie, and a warm recliner.  My first Honeycrisp apple of the season, and the Bears are looking good.  This has been the tone of the entire weekend and it is exactly what I needed.  

Don't get me wrong.  I haven't sat in the recliner all weekend long.  I got some things crossed off my pre-baby to-do list and feel more ready to say hello to our peanut than ever before.  

Especially now that the kitchen floor is mopped.


And the junk drawer is clean.  

And my pumpkin spice and harvest candles now engulf the air in our home instead of the funk that was coming from the wastebasket last week.    Our fridge is now full of apples, yogurt, and fresh herbs, instead of a cardboard pizza box.  The diaper bag is packed, Beau's sock drawer is full, and the pantry is stocked with tomato soup, chicken noodle soup, and stuff for spaghetti marinara.  

My mums are planted and my tummy is still full from a complete and utter takedown at Texas Roadhouse last night.  We stocked up on last minute baby needs at Target, and more importantly, turned our storage room into a bomb shelter after a Sam's Club run.  We now buy in packs.  A 12-pack of paper towels.  A 5-pack of toothpaste.  A 24-pack of fruit snacks.  When we walk in to Sam's Club, I let Beau lead the way.  Funny how I had no idea he had such a love for buying in bulk.

Last night, Beau dropped me off at Hobby Lobby to return a few remaining supplies from Baby J's palm tree creation.  As I was waiting in a line only fit for Black Friday, I saw my doctor walk in with some girlfriends.  She didn't notice me, but just like my students act when I see them outside of school, I was fascinated to see her in an environment other than the hospital without a white hospital coat on.  I was not the only one to notice her, as a minute later, I received a text from Beau, still waiting in the parking lot.  "Doc just walked in...see if she can induce you."  Fifteen minutes later, still waiting in line to return a meager $8 worth of merchandise, Beau texted again.  


As I laughed out loud, picturing me giving birth to our baby in between the artificial flowers and gallery frames, I noticed everyone else in line was staring at me.  Staring at the pregnant woman who had seemingly lost her mind.  I never did see my doctor again, but I now have a funny story to share with her Wednesday.

I have no idea when Baby J is going to arrive, but I wish he'd hurry up.  Sure I'm still a good two weeks away from my due date, but pretty soon I'm going to run out of things to prepare.  And I'm for sure going to run out of clothes to wear. 

In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy the beginning of fall, continue to wander in and out of the baby's room, and continue to take pictures of my cat. 

Who was not where she was supposed to be when we returned from church this morning.

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