Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Palm Trees and Pina Coladas (I wish)...

Tonight, I feel like poo.  My belly is huge, my throat hurts, I am experiencing some not-so-great late pregnancy symptoms, and for some reason, my paycheck failed to get deposited in my bank account.  Lovely.  Baby J has been treating me to some crazy like jabs tonight too, as if to say...


Tonight, we're both ready for that to happen. 

So what do I do on nights like this?  Nights when I spend 20 minutes laying at the top of the stairs talking to my mom on the phone in the dark?  Nights when I soak in a tub that isn't deep enough to cover the peak of my mountainous belly, which sticks out like Mount Everest amidst the soapy terrain surrounding it?  Nights when my idea of relief is a trip through the McDonalds drive-thru, a fish sandwich, and a vanilla shake? 

I go and sit in Baby J's room, my little escape.  An escape that now sports a new decoration we are quite proud of.

I wanted a palm tree on the wall of the nursery since I first chose the Santa Barbara bedding.  The little surf shack didn't quite seem complete without a little tropical foilage.  How was I going to accomplish this feat?  Well, that was another story...

I may have won 1st place at Allison-Bristow's annual art show three consecutive years in elementary school; however, much has failed to be retained in the sketching, coloring, and shading world.  Although I couldn't fathom spending $120 on the cute Pottery Barn wall decal, I also couldn't fathom spending hours attempting to draw and paint a life-size tree, only to paint over it in failed disgust.  That sounded like way too much work and frustration for my final month of pregnancy. 

Did I know my husband, aka, The Beau-Of-Many-Trades, was an esteemed drawer?  Did I know he successfully took Drawing I and II in high school?  Did I know he had enough patience to draw a palm tree while his pregnant wife sat behind him and critiqued every line?  Once again, he never ceases to amaze me. 

He drew the most fabulous palm tree.  Then, with Grandma Kelly's help on Sunday, we brough it to life with four $0.67 tubes of paint from Hobby Lobby.  It reminds me of the palm tree from Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.  I love it.  

He even drew coconuts.  I love the coconuts.  

And I love Baby J.  Even when he stretches every little limb at the same time, reaching four very distinct, uncomfortable parts of my body.  Because I know soon enough, I will dreadfully miss feeling him move his little body inside of mine.  

Happy Fall.  Happy palm tree.  Happy 36th week of pregnancy.   

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