Wednesday, September 8, 2010

You know you are 36 weeks pregnant when... can't remember how many times you have thought about being induced early.  Then again, you can't remember a lot of things. 

...a warm, relaxing, candlelit bath turns into an aerobic workout.  You actually question whether your lower legs really need to be shaved or not.

...a student walks by you in the hallway and says, "Oh, Mrs. J, I feel sorry for you."

...your idea of a 'late night snack' involves vinegar popcorn, a root beer, and a Colorado peach.

...your idea of a successful Labor Day involved cleaning the junk drawer, polishing glass cabinets, dusting under the bed, and reorganizing the baby's dresser (for the third time). can't make a decision to save your life.  You spend hours trying to decide what the baby should wear home from the hospital. prefer wearing your husband's clothes instead of your own. you glance into a full length mirror, you actually question whether it might be hung incorrectly.  I swear I can't be that big... push yourself to do another ten minutes on the treadmill because you've heard that helps 'move things along.' 

...every flinch, cramp, or ache makes you wonder if your water is about to break. touch your belly every single time you feel a kick, or nudge, or hiccup, just to embrace and hang on to the fact that any day now, you won't get to feel that.

We are getting closer!  Closer to having this baby, finding out what this whole labor and delivery thing is all about, and starting this new journey of PARENTHOOD.  Last night, as Beau calmly laid in bed and watched ESPN, I tossed, turned, and stewed about all that needed to be done before D-day.  Now I know this list may be relative depending who you talk to; however, I believe it is doable and exciting as it makes the countdown closer and more legit.  

1.  One more Sam's Club run.  Beau and I love Sam's Club and we always leave patting ourselves on the back for all the 'great deals' we scored.  Sure we may only save a few bucks here and there; however, we like the feeling of 'stocking up,' and I like the cardboard boxes the products come in.  

-What's on the Sam's Club list?  Paper plates, paper towels, toilet paper, laundry detergent, frozen pizzas, juice boxes, and munchies for the hospital.  Oh, and maybe one of those huge container of cheese balls ;)

2.  The Last Supper(s).  I know that with pregnancy comes a lot of uncertainties; however, after this baby is born, one thing will be sure...I will not look at eating the same.  Because of this, I told Beau it is important that we have a couple of binges at my favorite local in a half dozen rolls at Texas Roadhouse, a half pound of chips and queso at Carlos, and maybe a banana split at Dairy Queen.  Did I cover all the food groups in that list?

3.  One last pedicure.  One, for the relaxation; two, for the pressure points (legend has it, this has been known to onset labor).

4.  The nest is almost complete; however, there are few things that HAVE to be done before we strap Baby J in that carseat for the first time.  Kitchen windows, utensil drawer, fridge, freezer, etc.    

5.  Batteries are needed to operate all of his toys...his vibrating chair, his swing, his sound machine, etc.  I will need to wait to get paid until we do this, as the 'batteries required' are the equivalent of that used to operate the Titanic.

6.  As of right now, Baby J owns about 10 diapers, thanks to a friend, Judy and her son, Jacob, whose bottom grew a little too fast.  Yes, we're planning to stock up before D-day...a Target run is in our future!

7.  One of these Saturdays, Beau and I are going to turn our kitchen into a casserole factory.  I won't stop until the deep freeze is full!

8.  Decide on a name!  

9.  Pack my hospital bag and decide what the little man will wear for his first adventure in the real world!  I have the essentials... comfy pajamas, extra contacts, and Bananagrams (thanks Staci!).  

10.  A date night with the hubbs.  A romantic dinner, a movie, and some special alone time before we begin to share our life with a little.  And no, this date will not involve Sam's Club!

Well, that's what I can think of for now.  Since I'm a novice in this department, and I know there are a lot of experienced, wonderful mommies out there reading this blog, please let me know what I'm forgetting!  What are those little things you remember wishing you had done before your little joined your world?  What are those things you remember being glad you did before your little joined your world?  Humor a new mom and I'll be much appreciated!


  1. Okay Ashley, I'll be the first to make a few suggestions!
    A tube of Vasoline....for the whole circumsision thing.
    Mylecon drops for gas in the tummy! Nothing is more un-nerving than a screaming infant!
    And for you...two words....Tucks Pads....I got this advice from my best friend and it was a life saver! You will get them in the hospital and will want them at home!
    Hope this helps...hang in there you are almost there!!

  2. I'll second the Tuck's Pads. Just a tip...keep them in the refrigerator. Makes a world of difference :)

  3. Third on the Tucks Pads! You should add diapers to your Sams list, since you like buying in bulk!

  4. thought of you when I saw this!



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